UBC Day 6: The Kids Are Out of Control and I’m Losing My Mind

Is it just me or are anyone else’s kids going crazy today. Actually the last couple of days the children seem to be going at it with each other. They don’t want to share and are screaming at each other every five minutes. I mean literally screaming. They are driving me up a wall! Keep in mind that they are only five and six but you would think they were teenagers the way they are bickering. This is not typical of them because they are usually in each others face all the time and can’t get enough of one another. I would expect this from the middle and oldest child but not from them.  That is just what I am dealing with today. Anyone else having or have had this issue with the kids so young in age?



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  1. michele d says

    Boy oh Boy, I know how you are feeling! Some day’s are worst than others and as moms we always make it through!

  2. says

    Yes…. Thank you!!! My kiddos are driving me nuts! Ages 9 & 4 and there are literally fighting over everything from who’s feeding the new kitten to who gets to check the mail!! Love them but seriously! At least now I know it’s not just us dealing with this right now.
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  3. says

    My children are 8 and 14, and in the past few days they have been more aggressive toward one another. I don’t know if it’s the heat, their boredom, or just the summer days drifting away from them. My remedy is to make them do interesting activities like hold hands and talk about how they are the only sister and brother they have in this world and what life would be like if they suddenly lost one another, or play the airplane game (which our therapist said is completely safe) where they hold their arms parallel like an airplane until I say stop. That usually lasts less than one full minute because they cannot do it without pain setting in and being nice to one another is far better than that. I am definitely probably maybe gonna write about them in this 31 day challenge!

  4. says

    I reared six children. The youngest is 21. I have 11 grandchildren. There were days when I thought I was going crazy. My husband traveled and it fell on me. I did not enjoy that part. But loved my kids.

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