UBC Day 24 – Still Recouping From Vacation

It pretty much took a whole day and a half for me to recuperate from the trip and bus ride from this weekend. I felt so drained and did not want to do anything but rest. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a little bit more energy to get my videos and reviews up that need to be done. I did manage to weigh myself on the scale and the results are not pretty. I did not exercise or eat right at all. I gained two pounds back but managed to stay at 42 inches on my waist so I am very happy about that one. I will be back on my exercise regimen starting tomorrow and back to eating better. My goal for next Monday is to lose 3 pounds so I will be one pound under what I weighed last week. I am also hoping to lose one inch on my waist taking me to 41 inches. Wish me luck!

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