1. virginia rogers says

    Don’t like jun bugs, wasps, hornets or bees, and especially hope to never see a cock roach in the house. Thank you for chance to win this, would love to try it, sounds great, really appreciate it!!!!

  2. Nancy Stinson says

    I despise bugs. The ones that really “bug” me are flies, spiders, earwigs, bees, wasps, hornets, and yellow-jackets. But I have to say, finding a spider in my house is one of my worst fears.

  3. Aimee says

    Ants and Spiders are the only slight problems right now, but with summertime brings those nasty gnats! UGH!

  4. Susan Marina Brown Lane says

    Fleas are the worst things to get in a house. I really dislike any bugs inside – roaches, spiders and ants are also not good.

  5. Leona Evans says

    I am terrified of spiders! And one thing I am sure of.. spiders (inside & out) & ants (outside) have been a huge problem since moving to our new home 2 & 1/2 years ago. 🙁 thanks for the chance.

  6. says

    There has been some kind of what appears to be a small moth in my house for over a month and it’s driving me bonkers!!! He’s very good at playing hide and seek! I’m gonna get that sucker one of these days1 LOL!

  7. Amy Tolley says

    spiders and ants……also when i clicked on the second facebook like page in the rafflecopter my finger hit an extra button is should have read Amy Tolley instead it reads Amy Toll;ey thanks….for this great giveaway

  8. Alex says

    Roaches. flooding Rain drives all kinds inside.

    Black Widow Spiders. I am noticing a lot in my house and yard.

  9. Julie Klein says

    All BUGS!!! I really, really don’t like spiders. We also have flying cock roaches in our town. It is horrible. I mean you have to check yourself and the dog before we come into the house so they don’t land on you and then you bring them into the house.

  10. Carol ONeil says

    I don’t like no kind of bugs .The house is not big enough for us both and I’m not leaving!!

  11. Edith Mary Augur says

    I have 1 dog and 3 cats and this dry weather is making fighting ”fleas” a FULL TIME JOB!! I’d love to win this & use something all natural on my pets to help them out!! 🙂

  12. juanita may says

    Roaches and ants. My neighbor moved and within a week we had bugs and it was disgusting! Would love to try this product!

  13. says

    I hate them all, but if I hate to chose 1 we get wood roaches in the spring cuz of all the rain, but I call the exterminator and they spray for all. Ticks outside but come in on the dog if I miss picking it off of him he find it and picks it of and kills it cuz he is like mama he does not like any bug either 🙂

  14. april harden-hale says

    I enjoyed your review. I am looking for a product that is safe for my dog and neice to be around.

  15. lowri nicola davies says

    i hate ear wigs there horid we are forever having thm in ours as we live near the woods yuki!!

  16. Allyson Hunter says

    I hate fleas and chiggers! The itching is awful for everyone, people and pets included. They’re also hard to get rid of once you get them.

  17. Tara Brooks says

    I recently moved to Texas and the bugs down here scare me! I don’t like spiders, silverfish, june bugs, beetles, and some weird ear wig like bug I just threw off my bed the other day. Yuck!

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