1. says

    I probably would not like the nausea either. But if it goes away with eating I could eat something, I like that you were honest in saying you did not try it for the full 7 days and that you had to take 2 pills.

  2. Teresa Jones says

    I desperately want to try Ace, I was sent a one day sample..but I didnt notice anything at all….Simply can not afford to purchase it, if it wont work for me. :(

  3. jennifer reynolds says

    I would absolutely love to try this!!! I’ve been on the fence trying to decide whether to order or not. A sample would be great to give it a try!!!

  4. April Harden-Hale says

    I have been waiting to try friend is a distributor just haven’t had the cash to try it out.

  5. amber cavalier says

    Im bigger than i have ever been in my life at 198. i to get a trial pack before purchasing myself. thanks for this amazing giveaway.

  6. Donna A :) says

    I would so love to win I need to lose a good 40lbs for health reason but I have not worked in over a year with no health insurance. SO if i WIN the reviews would be so truthful and I would be so greatful! thank you

  7. Andrea Reaves says

    I would love to try this. No matter how much I excersice and eat right I can’t get the weight off that I gained from my medication i was on.

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