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**Reviews written by SisterSavingCents and Saviorcents**

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Let us start by giving you a little more information about the SodaStream! With the SodaStream making carbonated water and soft drinks is very simple! In under 30 seconds you can turn your ordinary tap water into sparkling water or soft drinks with no mess. By using their reusable bottles you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint and help our environment. There are no bottles and cans to throw away or lug back and forth from the store. Imagine how much better your back will feel! 🙂 Using your own home carbonation system means……..

  • Less packaging waste from cans and bottles
  • Less pollution caused by transport of bottled beverages

One SodaStream carbonator makes 60 or 110 liters which equals approximately 170-310 cans of soda. When you empty the carbonator it is refilled and reused. Then you are ready to make more soda.


They have tons of drinks for you to chose from! Now one thing that did catch our eye was that it consist of less calories than regular soda. See chart below from their SodaStream USA site….


Calories Carbs Sugar Sodium Caffeine

Pepsi® 100 27g 27g 25mg 25mg
Coca-Cola® 100 27g 27g 35mg 23mg
SodaStream Cola 34 9g 9g 2mg 15mg
7-UP® 100 26g 26g 50mg 0mg
Sprite® 100 26g 26g 45mg 0mg
SodaStream Lemon Lime 36 9g 9g 25mg 0mg

All SodaStream regular sodamix uses a mixture of Splenda® and sugar. Diet flavors are sugar-free, sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener. Comparison is based on 8 fl. oz. serving size (0.34 fl. oz. of SodaStream sodamix per 8 fl. oz. of water).

There are many different options available for you to choose from including: regular, diet, energy drinks, My Water, sparkling naturals, sparkling water and sparkling teas. Just click on each link to take a peek at all the different flavors. With over 50 drinks being offered there are way to many for us to list them all. They even offer a great list of drink recipes on there website! Just click here to see them.

The Sodastream offers many reasons why you should check out what they have to offer. You can make a can of soda for $.25, or a liter of sparkling water for the same low price. With making soda as you drink it you will have less soda going flat sitting in your refrigerator! Last but not least we find that making less waste in the environment is priceless.

Sister’s Saving Cents Opinion

When I received the SodaStream my daughter was waiting for it by the backdoor! She was so ready to put it together and my husband wasn’t home so we started tearing the box open and pulled it out. I had no problem putting it together. I just screwed on the carbonator and slipped a couple parts together and we were ready to make some soda!! Now my husband and I normally drink diet but my daughter has no preference and she was begging to be able to make some. She read the directions herself and in under 30 seconds she had made the orange and was drinking it. She was really excited and happy to have made her own soda.

I did have to explain to her how much we are helping the earth by reusing the bottles and I have to say that the bottles that came with my SodaStream were wonderful! They are a very durable plastic. We have even dropped one on the ceramic tile floor in the kitchen and it didn’t break.

My all time favorite drink was the energy drink, so you know I will be ordering the diet version asap! I blog and am a full time mom so sleep is just not in my schedule! We also like Dr. Pete, Root Beer, Orange, and Fountain Mist. My mom came up to visit just after and she loved just making sparkling water and adding flavor to it (I think she wants my machine)! 🙂 The unsweetened My Water all-natural flavor essences that they offer make it great for trying to get more water in your diet.

I do have to say that before the SodaStream my daughter who is 12 only got soda on special occasions and she thought she didn’t have any soda rules anymore. So for about 2 weeks she had a blast and then I had to implement some rules! Good luck on the contest!! 🙂

Savior Cents Opinion

My family was so excited the day the Soda Stream arrived! We pulled it out of the box and it was so easy to put together. The hard part was deciding which soda we were going to make first!! We decided to try the Root Beer and it was fantastic! My husband and I drink a lot of soft drinks so this is helping us not only to help the environment because we are not throwing away so many cans but it is helping us save money.

I really love the MyWater Essence Flavors. I add the Lemon Lime flavor to my water ALL the time. Its like having a lemon squeezed into my water with out the hassle of cutting and squeezing the lemon! 🙂 My two year old and my 20 month old were not big water drinkers, until we got the MyWater Essence Flavor. They both love the Orange water flavor and drink water all the time now! 🙂 So not only has the Soda Stream helped our family cut down on waste and save money it has helped us become a healthier family.
Some of our family favorites were the Orange, Root Beer, Fountain Mist and the Lemon Lime (which is comparable to Sprite)
I love that the Soda Stream is very easy to use and we can make the soft drinks in just a min or two. We love to share our “homemade” soda with all our friends and family when they come to visit!

Thank you so much to Soda Stream for allowing us the opportunity to review the Soda Stream machine. Good luck to all of you on the contest!! 🙂

Thanks to all these fabulous blogs for helping us on the Sodasteam Giveaway!!

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The Giveaway!!

We will be giving away 2 SodaStreams in this Giveaway to 2 lucky winners!

Giveaway package is a Fountain Jet Soda Lover’s Start-Up Kit ($99.95) It includes:
– Fountain Jet – winner’s choice of color (black/silver, red/silver or white)

– 1 carbonating bottle, reusable for up to 3 years

– Reusable carbonator to fizz up to 60L of soda

– Variety 6-pack of popular sample-size flavors

– 3 full-sized flavors of the winner’s choice

Good Luck!! 🙂

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  1. Anne says

    I have been looking at these for a year now, I would love to win one. I would keep it for my kids! Like you I want to teach my kids responsibility for the environment and they think they are deprivved because they do get pop.

  2. Judy Cox says

    I would keep it. I have been wanting one of these for a few months. I am thinking about asking for one for mother’s day:)

    Maybe I will get lucky and win it!!!

  3. K.Pugh says

    I would keep this for my household. Thanks for the chance . I love your blog and have told many people in my life.

  4. Avon Shay says

    Yes, I would keep it for myself. I’m the only one that drinks soda. So no one would mind. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Elaine Bell says

    I’ve wanted one of this since I saw the one my daughter received as a shower gift….so I’ll be keeping it for myself if I win. Thanks for the chance.

  6. Becky Kimani says

    I will be keeping it! My husband and I have been wanting this since it came out. Not only would it save us lots of money its also good for Earth, which is always a plus! Thanks for the chance to win another AWESOME giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  7. Sara Benavidez says

    I would definitely keep it. My kids love the carbonated drinks but they are so unhealthy. And my husband has wanted one so bad, so I would love to get one for him as a surprise when he returns from deployment!

  8. breanna harrington says

    This is something i would keep 😀 would let my friends use it but think i may keep this for my family hehe

  9. Barbara Gillespie says

    I would keep it for myself… I drink way to much soda so this would be better for me to try this and drink this….

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