Paypal Cash Giveaway

Brand new giveaway open world wide from 2/14-3/6. Prize is for paypal cash.There will be three winners. One $50 and two $25 paypal cash. You must be 18 with a valid paypal. First two entries are mandatory and will be verified. The others are optional for extra entries. Use rafflecopter form below to enter and for all other rules.


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    Gift cards are always good, or maybe pre-paid Visa, as it could be used anywhere. I personally would be thrilled to win whatever you chose to giveaway. thanks for the opportunity!

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    I like the Amazon & PayPal giveaways. AMEX Cards are hard to use, sometimes. I would like to see 'some' online nursery giveaways after Christmas or at Valentine's time (instead of chocolate). (It would have to be after Thanksgiving or Christmas so all the particulars can be done in time for planting season.) Like Spring Hill, Stark Bros, Wayside or White Flower Farms.

    tnrina at gmail dot com

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