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Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion


I remember being the child of a Fireman growing up around the Firehall and smelling the coffee and the food cooking. I always loved going there because it always smelled so good to me. When I got bigger, My Dad would let me have a small cup of coffee and I thought I was special because I got to drink great tasting coffee with my Dad in the Fire Station. Fire Dept Coffee has the best tasting coffee’s I have ever had and it reminds me of my younger years , sharing coffee with my Dad. I received the FDC Donut Shop Coffee, FDC Bourbon Infused Single Cup Pods, FDC Dark Roast Single Cup Pods and the Medium Roast Single Cup Pods. It is hard for me to just pick one favorite because they all are very tasty and I cannot pick just one. They are the best coffee’s ever !


Fire Dept Donut Shop Coffee comes in Ground and Whole Bean, This delicious medium roast from Fire Dept. Coffee is the perfect way to start your day. The delightful flavors of Their Donut Shop blend are the perfect complement to your morning breakfast. At Fire Dept. Coffee, They strive to provide you with high-quality coffee that doesn’t compromise on flavor. Each bag is roasted with the hardworking man and woman in mind, because they know that a well-timed boost of caffeine can make a huge difference. Don’t settle for less than perfection. Get a bag of Fire Dept. Coffee’s new Donut Shop blend today!  Start your day with the sweetest cup of coffee around. FDC Donut Coffee Retails , One Time Purchase $13.79 or Subscribe and save 10 %  ($12.41).  14ozs.


FDC Bourbon Infused Coffee, Single Cups, Their quality coffee from Fire Dept. Coffee is too good to waste, and they understand if you want to make your fresh ground coffee one cup at a time. With coffee this good, they wouldn’t want to share either. Want an excuse to drink during the day without feeling guilty? Now you can! FDC bourbon-infused coffee gives you the sweet, smooth taste of bourbon with every sip. Don’t let a whole pot of high-quality coffee go to waste. Enjoy their specialty coffee one cup at a time. Their popular bourbon-infused coffee in convenient single-serve cups, Keeps you energized for the 24/7 hustle, Compatible with single-serve coffee makers, Made with their signature spirit-infusion process. Bourbon Infused Single Cups Retails , One Time Purchase, ($17.99) or Subscribe & Save 10%  ( $16.19) 12 single-serve cups per box


FDC Medium Roast , Start your day off right with a cup of quality coffee from Fire Dept. Coffee! They appreciate those who don’t want a full pot of fresh ground coffee to go to waste. That’s why we created their single-serve cups! Each cup contains just enough of their signature Original Blend to make one perfect cup of their high-quality coffee. Crafted from an expert blend of Central and South American coffees,   coffee that is guaranteed to keep you going throughout the entire day. FDC Medium Roast Single Cups, One Time Purchase, ($11.99) or Subscribe & save 10% (10.79) Box of 12 single-serve cups per box


FDC Dark Roast ,When you need an extra boost to get you through the work day, turn to Fire Department Coffee. They created their quality coffee to help hardworking men and women get through the day. If you need to stay awake and alert for the job, their fresh Dark Roast Single Cups has got your back. No coffee should go to waste, which is why their popular Dark Roast is now available in single-serve cups! Enjoy your favorite blend of Fire Dept. Coffee one cup at a time. Enjoy a bold, smooth flavor. FDC Dark Roast Retails, One Time Purchase ($13.79 or Subscribe & Save 10% ($12.41) 12 Single Cup Servings per box,

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Fire Dept Coffee also has Orginal Coffee’s, Decaffeinated, Spirit Infused Coffee’s and they have Mugs and Tees, they also have Fire Department Pricing, ID Services will verify your status as a firefighter, first responder, or military so you can receive wholesale pricing for your crew.


Let me tell you about the Fire Department Company, If there’s one thing we learned during our years in the military and the fire service, it’s that a good cup of coffee and a well-timed jolt of caffeine are essential for long nights and high-octane lifestyles.

We also discovered that we had a true passion for roasting high-quality coffee beans, so we made it our mission to make great-tasting, easy-drinking coffee for hard working people everywhere.

It’s received the stamp of approval from firehouses, job sites, and offices all across the country.

We guarantee quality, so every batch of Fire Department Coffee is fresh roasted. You order.
We roast. We deliver. It’s that simple.

A portion of every order goes towards supporting firefighter and military charities. It’s great coffee for a great cause. Check out our charities page to find out how, together, we’re helping take care of our nation’s heroes.

I highly recommend Fire Dept Coffee’s , they are the tastiest coffee’s that I have ever had, I have told everyone that wants great coffee to visit FDC website, My Dad is going to buy some also.

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