The Little Kernel Popcorn Review



Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for my review and honest opinion


THE LITTLE KERNEL left his mother’s cob on a small farm at a young age to join the Flavor Brigade, hungry for a taste of adventure. He quickly popped to the top of his class because of his insatiable desire for exploration and daring flavor combos. He continues to live his motto today: Never surrender to subpar snacks!  The Little Kernel  keeps it real with no artificial ingredients. Popped in olive oil and using only quality ingredients, the Little Kernel is on a quest to bring you the best. Prepare your taste buds for their arrival at the frontline of fun with his lineup of adventurous flavors.


Anyone worth their salt knows that this flavor is the tops. You’ll be willing to move mountains (or climb them) to get more after just one taste of this. Trust me, there ain’t no popcorn high enough to satisfy after you taste this one. Step right up and meet your new favorite snack!  Pink Himalayan Salt Mini Popcorn is my favorite of the two I received, it taste wonderful and it is Gluten Free, Whole Grain and Non GMO.


Sweet or salty? Why choose! Don’t be torn, just tear open a bag and you’ll see the only thing you need to decide is how many servings to have before you cut yourself off. There’s no wrong path to snack satisfaction when I’m leading the way!  Sweet & Salty is another one of my favorites, it has a unique flavor that anyone will enjoy.  There are 6 different kinds of Little Kernel flavors to choose from, Naked, No Salt added,  Truffle Sea Salt,  White Cheddar, Butter Flavored , Sweet & Salty and Pink Himalayan.  You can purchase The Little Kernel Popcorn

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