OuterStar Durable Walkie Talkies for Kids Review



Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion


What a wonderful product for our kids and Grandkids, these Walkie Talkies are perfect for when your kids are outside playing in your yard or at a neighbors house. You can keep up with where they are and if they are safe. The OuterStar Durable Walkie Talkies has a 5 mile range and   2 straps for the Walkie Talkies and are perfect for kids, families, toys, games and they would make a perfect gift for any child.  The color is a bright blue and it’s easy for the eyes.


Wide Coverage and Good Signal:The OuterStar Walkie Talkies is more reliable than other phone especially in the wild, which supporting 22 channels,can communicate effectively within 5 miles in open field. No more worries for signal problems, take it and use it anywhere at anytime.  Perfect Sound Quality, Crisp and smooth sound quality with adjustable volume level will mute any noise, provide a clear and loud communication in any places at any time, such as riding, hiking, camping or even in a crowded and noisy place. Use Multi-set Together and Hands-free:Many of walkie talkies can work togrther as long as they are all in the same frequency channel.If you are busy with your two hands, Just only open the VOX function, automatically transmit children’s voice when they are speaking even the walkie talkie is in their pockets.


Simple Design and Easy to Use:LCD display clearly showing all the information such as channels, volume, VOX, etc.The flashlight can bring bright in the dark.Simply press PTT key to talk, Using built-in microphone and stay connected with families and friends, especially in outdoor activities. Lightweight and Easy to Carry: The walkie talkie fits into any of your bags easily without occupying too much space,Uses 3x AAA batteries per walkie talkie (batteries not included), strap frees kids hands to do other things¨2 straps included).

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You don’t have to worry about your children when you take them outside? Stop it, with these little walkie talkies, you don’t have to shout out their names in the crowded places.  These  walkie talkies are a cool gift for your kids, with it, the kids can talk to the neighbor friends at home and discuss where they can go to play together, or they can cosplay the cops with the walkie talkie, just make sure they are in the same channel.  When the kids are playing or their hands are occupied with toys, the strap can free their hands, and the small size allows to put it in their pockets, then open the VOX function (with three levels), they can talk freely and the message still can be sent out. There is a flashlight on the top of this walkie talkie. This will help you when you are in a dark place. Go to their Amazon Website and order your kids or Grandkids these Walkie Talkies for safer playtime and Your Peace of Mind.




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