Nutritional Awareness For Children With Delicate Immune Systems

When your children are growing, they’re in a part of their life when their immune system is gradually getting stronger; but still in a weak state. When they’re struck with an allergic reaction something that is very common, e.g. dairy, you have to switch it up in the fastest time possible. There are so many ways to mix it up, lots of ways to avoid certain ingredients by swapping them out for something less harmful and still have the food you’re making taste stupendous.


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Lactose friendly

Some children child can suffer an allergic reaction to milk and milk products and can’t eat things like pastries, cakes and other tasty treats which have traces of dairy based food, They might feel left out if all the other children are getting rewarded for good behavior with a slice of lemon icing cake or a bar of milky chocolate. However, you can substitute any milk products for food that have more nuts or dried fruit. You could make a peanut and cinnamon treat at home, is a recipe for cookie dough balls in little bite-sized chunks; the bonus is that it’s a healthy vegan option.


Young children’s immune systems are only just developing, and one of the most vulnerable organs they possess is their skin. Children’s skin can suddenly erupt in a rash, a horrible itch or dryness which leads to skin cracks and more itching until there might even be blood drawn.

Eczema is an inflammatory condition of the skin, where the surface can become covered in red rash patches, oozing blisters and cracked or scaly skin over time. It’s believed that certain food can bring this on in children, such as milk, eggs, soy, gluten and fish. However, there are ways to give them the nutrients they need as part of their daily diet. It’s quick, cheap and painless to make gluten free pasta right at home. However this recipe does contain eggs. If your child is allergic to eggs, you can simply replace those ingredients with abundant olive oil, a high-fat almond milk or a large scoop of margarine.

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Iron deficiency

Iron is a component in the blood cells that facilitates and carries oxygen around our body. Children need iron as part of their daily diet, to expand their volume of blood, which in turn allows them to grow. Iron-rich foods are usually things like fish, poultry, specific bread with extra nutrients; some cereals also have good sources of iron. However, to start them off young with meat and fish you should give them is a light beef liver or chicken liver pate. This way they’re getting a great dose of iron, their bloodstream is strong, and liver is usually cheaper than regular cuts of meat such as a steak or free range chicken breast.

This extra punch of iron a young girl’s diet will help her during the beginning of her menstruation as the female body demands more iron due to the loss of blood.

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