Allergies got……..Aaaaachoo!

Disclaimer* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are my own.

Does everyone get tired of indoor allergies in the winter? Tired of sneezing or itchy burning eyes? I have found a product that will help!
The Airfree P3000 Air Purifier!

This unit is completely quiet, effective, high quality, reliable, and super easy to use.

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With five cats and a dog, no matter how much I vacuum and clean, there is always pet dander, dust and pollen in my home. It is impossible to keep up with the allergens in my home. After just two weeks of having the Airfree P3000 plugged in and running, I have noticed a huge difference. The television is not getting dusty as quickly as it was beforehand. When we walk into the house, there is no smell at all. This unit filters out all organic scents. (including all cooking smells, pet odors, smoke, and even all natural candles. The unit even eliminates mold ,mildew, bacteria and viruses. I like staying healthy all year long.


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The Airfree P3000 is modern in design with very cool blue lights, that can be used as a nightlight. There are three different settings or it can be turned off completely with just a simple touch of the sensor on the front of the unit. If the unit happens to get knocked over the blue light will flash until the unit is righted, even if you have the light turned off.

The unit is super easy to use. Just pick a spot in the room you want the air purifier in, that is no more than 3 feet off the ground, away from doors and windows, plug the unit in and you are ready to go! You can tell the unit is working because the top will get warm.  I liked to use it to warm my hands when they got cold. Added bonus in my book. There are no filters to change. The unit heats the air to purify.

The Airfree P3000 would make a great gift for anyone on your list. Who doesn’t want an easy way to help their home stay cleaner without any added work?

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  1. Melissa Manjoney says

    Oh nice! I always hated cleaning filters in air purifiers. I’d end up having a horrible allergy attack!

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