How To Make A Small Home Feel More Spacious

Making your small space feel larger is like adding a touch of luxury to your home. Feeling like you have more space will allow you to feel more relaxed and less cramped when spending time in the house. 

Should you live in a small space or wish to make any size home feel larger, here is how.

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Consider updating your windows

The windows in your home could be the reason your rooms feel cramped. For instance, if you have small windows that open inwards, they will take up space in the room. 

Swapping them for a Renewal by Andersen sliding windows will help a small space feel larger as you won’t need to open the windows inwards or outwards. Instead, you can enjoy sliding windows and make the most of your space while letting the sun and fresh air into your home. 

The more light and fresh air you allow to pass through your home will make the space feel bigger too.

Avoid anything bulky

Even if you enjoy bulky furniture and decorative pieces, you should steer well clear of them if you want to make your small home feel and look more spacious. Bulky pieces will only take up excessive room, which you could use for other furnishings or free space. 

Opting for minimal pieces with no excessive materials will ensure that your furniture does not waste unnecessary room in your home. 

Opt for white walls

Whether or not you enjoy the color white in your home, it is the best choice if you wish to make a small space feel bigger. Painting a room dark navy or brown will hinder the spaciousness of the room and make it feel much smaller than it is. In contrast, white walls will offer the opposite effect.

If you do not wish to paint your entire home white, you could paint accent walls differently. Or, add more white furnishings and decorations around the house to maximize the feel and look of the space. 

White walls and decorative pieces allow light to bounce off, guaranteeing to enlarge the space.

Utilize your mirrors

Speaking of helping light bounce around the home; mirrors have a greater effect than white walls and decorations. Mirrors encourage light to bounce from one to the next, which helps a space feel brighter and larger. 

Should you lack mirrors in the home, now is the time to consider adding more. If you do not wish to add mirrors to every wall or room, you could opt for mirrored decorative pieces instead. These won’t significantly impact the spaciousness of the room, but they will help light bounce around freely, giving the illusion that the space is larger. 

Think about your window coverings 

As well as considering new windows, you might want to consider new window coverings to. Your window coverings could be why the light is dull and dim in your home. Closing your blinds or having bulky window coverings will impact how much light can pass through the home. 

Whereas if you have sheer curtains and lighter window coverings (as well as opening up the curtains and blinds first thing in the morning), you will allow maximum light to pass through your home, giving the illusion your home is larger than it is.

Add multipurpose storage

Every home needs storage space. Whether you need to store documents, plates, or clothes, we all need extra space to home our belongings. You might consider adding extra storage options if you lack enough space to keep sides and floors clear. 

Many people would choose a chest of drawers or cupboards of some choice. However, it is more practical and space-saving if you use multipurpose storage. For instance, ottoman benches can double up as seating and a place to store your shoes in the hallway. 

Use shelves

On the topic of storage, using and adding more shelves around the home will help you free up floor space. You shouldn’t position artwork, decorative pieces, or other things on the floor and sides if you do not need to. Instead, you can place them on shelves so that you can still have them on display and free up your home. 

Shelving is a great item for your home, no matter its size. They can be added to any room and home, anything you like.

Rearrange the furniture with a plan

Your home and its rooms might be small due to incorrect furniture positioning. If you move the furniture around, you might notice a huge difference in the spaciousness of your rooms. 

You could begin by creating a floor plan and deciding where to move things before you go ahead with it. You might get into a mess if you start moving the furniture around with no plan. 

Folding desks

Should you work from home full-time or on odd occasions, you might prefer to use a desk over the kitchen table. It will help you maintain focus and separate your work life from your home life. 

If you do need a desk to work from at home, it might take up a lot of space during the times you do not use it. Therefore, it can be a great idea to invest in a folding desk. This will allow you to use the desk when you need it and free up space when you don’t. 

Vertical stripes instead of horizontal

For those that enjoy decorating the home with funky designs, such as stripes, you should consider using vertical designs over horizontal ones. Vertical designs will make a room feel taller and larger.

Whether you wish to paint your walls with stripes or add stripy curtains, consider vertical patterns to ensure you make the space feel larger and not smaller. 

These simple tips can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your small home. Even if your home isn’t particularly small, these ideas will guarantee to maximize your space and make it feel much larger than it is.

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