How To Move Home Safely With A Pet

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Moving home can be really stressful, even when you’re doing it by yourself. Throw a family and pets into the mix and you have a recipe for chaos.  If you have cats or dogs, a move can be really difficult, both in terms of logistics and the health and wellbeing of your pet.  

Choose a vet ahead of time

The moving process can be difficult for pets. After all, there’s a lot of activity and movement happening, people from the interstate removalist packing and moving, new scents, and surroundings. It’s very easy for a pet to be injured or become ill. 

For this reason, you should already have a veterinary professional chosen near your new home if you’re moving a long distance. If your pet has any ongoing medical issues, have their veterinary records transferred ahead of time. 

Update their microchip/contact information 

If your pet gets loose or runs off on moving day, anyone who finds them will usually look at their tags or take them to a vet who will be able to read the details on their microchip

Having the correct information for your new address on your pet’s records could mean that they are reunited with them quickly. You should also leave your forwarding details and number in case someone tries to contact you at your old contact details. 

Keep your pets safe on the day

The day you move will be hectic, with lots of activity. Sometimes dogs and cats can feel very nervous about this or will be very excited and try to get involved. Both are a recipe for an injury, for you and them. 

Designate a space for your pets for the day where they will be safe and relatively undisturbed. For cats and small dogs, this could be a special pet crate or a room that has already been cleared. Make sure they have access to food, water, and something to keep them amused. 

Keep them away from any activity and loud noises and ensure that the temperature is comfortable for them. 

Check on them often and give them attention to try and soothe any anxiety. 

Transport them with you if you can

When it comes time to actually leave your home and travel to your new place, try and travel with your pet to keep their anxiety levels down. Being with familiar people and scents can help to keep them calm. 

If you do have to transport them separately, use a specialist company who specializes in the transport of animals. Their vehicles will be designed to keep animals safe and comfortable and their staff will be trained in animal care and first aid. 


You do need to take special care when you’re moving with pets. After all, they’re part of the family and it can be a very difficult time for them, as they won’t know what’s happening. 

By planning a little in advance and keeping them safe and secure, you’ll be able to move with your animals without a hitch. 

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