Incredibly Unbreakable IncrediBulb Light Bulbs!

Disclosure: We received free product for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

It’s time to stock up on a new type of lightbulb and it’s called IncrediBulb!! The world’s only flexible, 100% shatterproof LED bulb is here and available at Lowes. We were sent a couple to test out in our home and the results are in, I highly recommend.

About IncrediBulb:
IncrediBulb was pitched to Lowes by Joelle Mertzel last October at the “Make it With Lowes” program. The product made it to the top 8 finalist out of over 1k submissions, now the rest is history. The manufacturer & creator of IncrediBulb, Kitchen Concepts is a small woman owned company, clearly doing big things!

These lightweight LED bulbs have a soft silicone enclosure that looks just like a traditional light bulb, only unbreakable. They stay cool to the touch even after many hours and uses a fraction of energy of a traditional light bulb. Such a nice feature to have, especially when trying to switch out or removing bulbs. You can use IncrediBulb anywhere that requires a bulb. Attics, basements, small spaces, boats, bathrooms, homes with pets, and more.

The daylight IncrediBulb is super bright and lets off an excellent amount of light. The soft white is still nice and bright but noticeably dimmer. I like both, however, you choose which is best according to your preferences. I really like that these light bulbs are unbreakable, protecting them from accidental drops.

This product definitely holds up to it’s name with a price under $5 a bulb. These would make an excellent stocking stuffer or gift for anyone that owns/rents a home to have on hand when they need them. You could add it to a personalized gift basket or gift with a lamp (if that’s something on their holiday list).

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