My Birthday Tribute to Ma

I have rewritten this post in my head more times than I can count but with your birthday today, I wanted to use my platform as a way to honor you. Almost five months ago my heart was shattered when we lost you. Daily I am barely holding myself together but lately, I find myself breaking down just thinking of you. So many things remind me of you and although I gain so much joy reminiscing about the great memories and values you’ve instilled, your absence still makes me feel sad.

I was adopted at an early age and grew up knowing you, then officially became your child at the age of 17. Although you didn’t birth me, you will always be Ma to me. I never had to doubt your true feelings because you always showed me your love through actions, not just words. I will forever be grateful for your advice, tough love, and teaching me to stay true to myself. You continually welcomed me with open arms, never letting me forget I was one of your children, no different from the rest.

Many might not understand the bond that we had or how much I gravitated to you. However, that’s the beauty of your love, it need not be explained. My children are your grands and they will forever remember you as such. Your children are my siblings and nobody will ever tell us otherwise. Although my heart is hurting, I know that’s something nobody can take away. While I wipe away these tears, I can’t help but smile. Remembering your contagious laugh, many precious memories, and life lessons are what keeps me going.

To my brothers and sisters She, Mari, Dodie, & Shawn, I love you all. Even though Ma is no longer physically with us, I take joy in knowing her light is still present with us here on earth. I miss you daily Ma and will always love you. This day still belongs to you and I will celebrate my beautiful sunshine like only you would. Rest well and Happy Birthday Ma!


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