Always Prepared with Handzies Wipes

Disclosure: We received free product for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Hey everyone! I hope you all are staying safe and ready for the holidays! Thanksgiving is next week so we already know the holiday season is in full effect. What do we all have planned? Me, I’ll be staying home spending some quality time cooking with my immediate family but I’ll still have my Handzies soap + water wipes on hand.

Handzies are nice to have near by all year round for things like road trips, shopping, traveling, events, and so much more. They do not contain alcohol, are vegan, non GMO, and contain no artificial perfumes or dyes. Each package comes with 24 individually wrapped wipes that you can use to wipe hands clean when you don’t always have soap & water readily available. Just pop a few in your bag, pocket, or keep in your car where they are easily accessible. These wipes are big enough to wipe both hands and leave no sticky residue. Just fresh clean hands anytime you need them. We received several packs of Handzies wipes, all of which are in multiple places for convenience. Some in the house, car, handbag, and at my work station.

Handzies are an item that’s super useful to have in places you normally aren’t able to wash your hands. Places like beaches, outdoor picnics, sporting events, the list goes on. I like that they are packaged small but unwrap to reveal a nice sized towelette. I especially like that they are individually wrapped so adding them to stockings or an item of a personalized basket would be extremely easy for holiday gifting. Check out Handzies online to see all of their product offerings.

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