Interesting facts about 190 proof ethanol

190 proof ethanol is a substance we use for numerous things. It is mainly utilized as a food ingredient, and we use it for creating alcoholic beverages. However, this type of alcohol is also great as a cleaning agent and for various household products.

You can buy 190 proof ethanol in the Simple Solvents store. The substance is great for industrial use, but you can also buy it for your household. For example, it is a strong cleaning product, although it doesn’t kill microbes as some other ethanol products do.

The proof system is mostly used in the US and the UK. It is the same as a percentage-based system (alcohol by volume or ABV), but it is double the value. For example, 190 proof alcohol is actually 95% alcohol. Although this might look like any other chemical, there are some interesting things about has “proof” came to be. 

  • The proof system stems from gunpowder

“Proof,” as a term, was first utilized in the 18th century. According to stories, the sailors from the Royal British Navy would add rum to gunpowder to measure its strength. If you could drench the gunpowder, and it still worked in a rifle, this was the proof that the alcohol is strong enough. This was especially important as it shows the volatility of the substance and how hazardous it is to have on a wooden ship. 

  • Flammability of 100-proof alcohols

Every alcohol that is above 100-proof is considered very flammable. So, even if you add it to gunpowder, it wouldn’t interfere with the chemical’s characteristics. You would still be able to light it up because 100-proof alcohol, while liquid, can still be lit alongside gunpowder. Of course, 190-proof alcohol is very flammable, which is why companies have special measures in place when using it. Furthermore, according to the US legislation, there are certain rules you need to adhere to if you wish to use it for industrial production. 

  • The proof is important for taxation

Nowadays, all alcoholic beverages are properly labeled, so you know how strong a product is. But this also has another purpose. According to the proof system that was enacted in 1848, everything that is stronger than 100-proof would be labeled as “100-proof alcohol” for the purpose of taxation. Weaker alcohol would come with a lower tax and would be categorized in the below 100-proof category. 

  • 190-proof alcohol is bad for disinfection

Many people think that stronger alcohols are better for disinfection. This isn’t actually true. Alcohol products, such as 190-proof, are very deadly for microbes. Unfortunately, if you were to clean surfaces with it, the liquid would quickly evaporate. This is because alcohol itself quickly evaporates, and there is not enough water so that it sticks to the surface long enough to work. Ideally, you should use 100-proof to 140-proof for cleaning and disinfection, while 190-proof alcohol is better for industrial purposes.

  • 190-proof alcohol is often denatured

Many companies change this substance by adding denaturants to it. Almost anything can be utilized as a denaturant, such as artificial color, chemicals like pentane and hexane, and so on. The reason why it is called “denatured” alcohol is that its natural form was changed (de-natured). Denatured chemicals are not as useful as pure ethanol. But they come with a much lower price tag. It is also worth noting that denatured products cannot be consumed, unlike normal alcohols that are used in the food industry. Lastly, you can easily differentiate denatured liquids from natural ones as they usually have a much different smell or color. That way, the users will never dare to drink it.

  • The proof is never used for wine and beer

Although proof is a rather common term, it is never used for lighter alcoholic drinks. Instead, people usually refer to them as 5% beer or 12% wine. Basically, the proof terminology is only utilized when we’re talking about alcohols that have more than 40% concentration. Alternatively, we use it for the strongest ethanol products that we use for industrial purposes. 

Where and how to buy 190-proof alcohol?

Due to high taxes, this chemical tends to be a bit more expensive compared to a less concentrated alternative. However, there is a good reason why people still pay for it. Sometimes, you simply cannot use anything else.

When buying the substance, always buy it from reputable chemical stores. They have high-quality standards and great shipping policies. Not only will the chemical reach your company’s address quickly, but it will also be in an impregnable packaging. 

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