What is the Best Basketball Movie of all Time?

Sports are a big part of our world and the industry grows day by day. As the number of fans is growing, so is the number of directors and production companies that want to make a sports-related movie. Sports movies are great just because they are inspirational, and most of them teach us a lesson that we can use in our everyday lives.

Most sports movies are based on actual events from the past, which is why their popularity is growing very fast. Seeing all the things from different perspectives lets you realize that life is all about overcoming failures and positivity.

That’s why we decided to focus on sports movies, specifically basketball. There are many contenders for the best basketball movie of all time like:

• He Got Game

• Space Jam

• Above the Rim

• Glory Road

• Finding the Way Back

However, one movie really caught our eye more than others. Sure, Space Jam has the best players ever in the Basketball Odds & Betting Lines by TwinSpires: Michael Jordan. However, it’s still a fictional movie about cartoons, let’s be honest.

So instead we choose to talk about an inspirational film about a high school coach who fights for athletes to make their mark in the classroom as well as on the basketball court.

Does it ring a bell?

Yes, we are talking about Coach Carter.

Coach Carter Review

Coach Carter is a basketball-themed movie directed by Thomas Carter and it is based on a true story. The main role of Ken Carter is played by the one and only Samuel L. Jackson who really makes the movie even more interesting to watch.

At the beginning of the movie, Ken Carter runs a local store after he decides to take a new challenge in life and go for a manager’s salary. He decides to start coaching the Richmond High Oliers basketball team that has been at the bottom of the table for years. 

He is a rigid and principled man who thinks that he can make a great difference in the lives of some of the poor African-Americans on the team. Right after he started as a coach of the team, he decided that he wants an immediate overhaul on everything. 

First of all, he demands everyone to use the term “sir” as a sign of respect, and athletes sign a contract to maintain a minimum grade average, sit in the front row, wear a suit and tie on each game, and attend all classes. 

Now that you know Carter’s character, you probably already know what to expect. Since all of these young athletes fell in the hands of a disciplined man, every broken rule such as low grades, or being late on training sessions means more physical exercises.

After a spark of doubt from athletes at the beginning, they start to see how the new system has positive results on their performance. He inspires them to believe in themselves and eventually they end up getting a winning streak. 

It is all like a fairytale until Coach Carter discovers that the boys don’t live up to the contract when it comes to their studies. Most of the young athletes were failing or not attending classes, which forced Carter to make a drastic decision by locking up the gym and putting the whole championship on hold until they catch up on their studies.

He receives a lot of backlash from parents saying that he is taking away the only thing that promises a good future for their children. But this doesn’t push him away from the higher vision he pictured for each of the players. He knows that more than 80% of young people are more likely to end up in prison than anywhere else from his community, which is why he is trying so hard to educate these young athletes.

Final Words

It is a truly inspiring movie that will teach you about principles and working hard to become even better. Samuel L. Jackson and his outstanding performance as a man principles are the only guides in his life, makes the movie even more fun to watch.

It is an inspiring story that is based around basketball, and if you love the sport and want to learn something new about life, this should be the movie to watch.

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