BEATE, a Feel-Good Italian Comedy of Nuns, Factory Workers, Bras and Miracles, Arrives on DVD/Digital

Disclaimer; I received this movie for free in exchange for my review, I have not been compensated in any way.

Partially inspired by several true stories, the comedy BEATE is a modern social fairytale set in Northeast Italy. When the employees of the Veronica lingerie factory discover they’re about to be fired, they take matters into their own hands and “borrow” equipment to produce their own garment line. Check the “BEATE” Trailer on YouTube

They’re determined to overcome the odds and make their business a success despite their lack of resources. Nearby, in “Convent of the Holy Mantle”, a handful of nuns skilled in the art of embroidery and devoted to a mummified body of a “blessed one”, are in danger of being transferred because they don’t have enough money to secure the property, while the unscrupulous and greedy mayor – also the owner of the Veronica factory – wants to develop a luxury resort where the Holy Mantle resides.


Together, to oppose their unfortunate turns, they join forces for a surprising collaboration: an artisanal line of sexy embroidered lingerie. However, they soon come under attack from the owner of Veronica, the developer, and the convent’s Mother Superior, from whom the operation had to be kept secret. But for things to go in the right direction, they must all pray for a miracle from the “blessed one,” who has yet to provide proof of even one.

Type: DVD/Digital (Amazon) Running Time: 90 minutes Genre: World Cinema/Drama/Comedy Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Audio: Stereo Language: Italian with English Subtitles

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