Smart Robotic Train, Color-Driven Smart Engine from “Roboblog”

Disclaimer; I received this product for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion, I have not been compensated in any way.

“Roboblog” is dedicated to empowering STEAM educators all over the world to take STEAM education to the next level, by providing affordable smart tools, and high-tech robotics solutions. I am super excited about this new Coding Express train, even though I know it’s for children, I have had so much fun using it. I am going to give it to my Great Granddaughter, she is 2-1/2 , she will be able to learn from it in a few months, The age is 3 and above for this express.

Let me give you some facts about the Coding Express,

Color-driven Smart Engine

The 19 color-coded inductive stickers can bring an educational and interesting play for children to learn the primary knowlege about robotics and coding, and also inspire their creativity and imagination through various entertaining effects without any screen-controls.

Direction Control

Paste the stickers on the track to tell Coding Express where to go

Sound Control

Coding Express can perform many sound effects by using different stickers

Other Entertaining Effects

Many other entertaining effects are waiting for you to discover

Intelligent Aviodance

The intelligent built-in infrared sensor of Coding Express can sense any objects in front of it and avoid/follow it

Whistle Control

Coding Express integrates with smart sound sensor,blow a whistle to accelerate it, get ready to start your train

DIY Freely

Use blocks and your imagination to design your train journey and DIY your smart engine

Wide Compatibility

Coding Express is compatible with many other train tracks from brands like Thomas 7 Friends, BRIO and IKEA. The limitless track layouts could not only promote children’s DIY abilities but also bring them endless fun while playing.

Safe Play

It is a screen-free, eye-caring, durable and safe toy that can accompany children to grow up, leading them to the amazing coding world

I know you can Spark your childen’s creativity and imagination with Coding Express from “Roboblog”. Creates an immersive learning environment for children to improve their concentration, DIY ability, logical thinking and social skills in the process of the scenario-based playing . I highly recommend Coding Express for all children over 3 yrs. old, let their little minds take STEAM education to the next level.

What you receive when you order Coding Express,

Visit “Roboblog” and let the adventures begin!

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