5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of 2021


2021 has arrived – hallelujah! If you are anything like me, you are beyond ready for a fresh start (everyone can raise their hand because I know that we were ALL tired of 2020). A new year brings a fresh start to make better choices, to work on your health, and most importantly, to prioritize joy and happiness. Let’s prioritize those things in 2021 and make the most out of it! Here are a few ways to make the most out of 2021:


Consider Switching Jobs

We spent so much of our time at work – the majority of our days and hours are spent there, and I really think that it is essential that we enjoy what we do. Of course, there are very few jobs that are absolutely perfect and sometimes, stress is just a normal part of life for adults, but you should not dread going to work every single day and if you do, maybe it is time to consider a change up. Since we do spend so much time at work, it has a huge impact on our mood, not only at work, but at home, as well (a lot of us are working from home now too!). If you have a bad day at work, that bad day does not just automatically stop when you walk out the door. Normally, it will impact your evening and the evening of your family members, as well. Alternatively, if you have a fantastic day, you will more than likely come home and feel happy and joyful, which will spread into the lives of your family members. If you find yourself unhappy and upset due to your job, please consider finding a new one in the new year! I know that this is untimely because so many people are out of jobs, but what you do each day really does play a huge role in your happiness and you can’t make the most out of your year if you are unhappy.



Just like with your job, where you live has a great impact on your happiness. Maybe you live far from your work and your commute takes you hours each day, or maybe your home is in the middle of nowhere and you would like to be surrounded by coffee shops and great restaurants. Either way, if your home is limiting your happiness, you should definitely consider moving to fix that issue. I know that moving might seem stressful, but do not forget that you can always get help from companies such as New Jersey inc Moving Company. They can help with New Jersey long distance moving, which is great if you want to really change things up by moving to a totally new destination. They will make your move stress-free because they are one of the most reputable companies in the area. Honest, too! They provide free estimates, and can help with any moving needs – even if it’s just packing or storage!  They also offer each customer a complimentary 30 days of free storage during their reservation process, which is huge! With over 1136 homes and 96 businesses moved, they know the ins and out of every job and can walk you through the process without stress and anxiety!

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Spend More Time With The Ones You Love

I’m not sure about you, but one of the things that makes me the happiest is spending time with family. 2020 was hard since we had to social distance and so many of us did not see family or friends for a while. Plus, we get so busy in our day to day lives that it can be very easy to skip out on time with family and this is leading to an increased level of stress, anxiety, and depression. Spending time with family definitely makes people happier and less stressed and unfortunately, right now, people are just not able to prioritize that time since they are so busy. This year, my goal is to really work on prioritizing that time with my family.


Visit Dream Destinations

Just like spending time with family, how can you not be happy when you are on the go, seeing new amazing things? Traveling is definitely one of the things in life that brings me significant amounts of joy and happiness. It is one of the few times that people are okay with unplugging and spending quality, one on one time with the people that they are traveling with. It’s a great way to learn, so if you have small children or grandchildren, I highly recommend traveling with them as much as possible and it’s a way to learn how other cultures live (especially when traveling overseas) and see sights that you cannot see in your own hometown. It’s also a great way to try new foods and broaden your senses in all aspects.


Prioritize Love

In every situation we always have a choice: we can choose fear, judgment, shame, anger or we can choose love, joy, happiness, and peace. It is important to not only prioritize love in your life but be the love in the world. Choose to give others the benefit of the doubt, open your heart to the good that is available, and trust in the journey. Also take time this year to really focus on loving yourself and caring for your own needs. When you love yourself and appreciate the gifts you have to offer the world, you uplift and inspire others as well.


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