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This movie is a gripping movie from the beginning til the end . Trapped inside her house in a city under siege, Oum Yazan, mother of three, turned her flat into a safe harbor for her family and neighbors, trying to protect them from the war outside. When bombs threaten to destroy the building, when snipers turn the courtyards into deadly zones, and burglars break in to claim their dreadful bounties, maintaining the thin balance of routine inside the walls becomes a matter of life and death.


Called “a haunting portrait of one family’s fight to survive”, IN SYRIA is told from the perspective of one family who refuses to leave a home they love, bringing the conflict of massive scope to a remarkably personal and intimate level. A unique look at one of the most troubling humanitarian crises in recent memory, this Panorama Audience Award Winner at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival delivers a powerful cinematic experience that will stay with audiences long after the credits roll.  You can Stream IN SYRIA at www.filmmovement.com

“In Syria” Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj8DUri_LZg&feature=youtu.be

Film Movement
86 Minutes
Belgium, France, Lebanon
Not Rated



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