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This movie Inspired by True Events, this Breakthrough for Polish Director Komasa, Certified Fresh by Rotten Tomatoes with 97%, Arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital This June with Extras Including a Making -of Featurette  and the Bonus Short Film “Nice to See You” by Komasa. This is a wonderful movie that I am highly impressed with, this man went through a lot but he never lost his Faith.  Corpus Christi was NOMINATED FOR BEST INTERNATIONAL FEATURE FILM AT THE 2020 ACADEMY AWARDS. I give this one 5 Stars


After spending years in a Warsaw prison for a violent crime, 20-year-old Daniel is released and sent to a remote village to work as a manual laborer. The job is designed to keep the ex-con busy, but Daniel has a higher calling. Over the course of his incarceration he has found Christ, and aspires to join the clergy – but his criminal record means no seminary will accept him. When Daniel arrives in town, one quick lie allows him to be mistaken for the town’s new priest, and he sets about leading his newfound flock. Though he has no training, his passion and charisma inspire the community. At the same time, his unconventional sermons and unpriestly behavior raise suspicions among some of the townsfolk – even more so as he edges towards a dark secret that the community hasn’t revealed in the confessional booth.


Jan Komasa’s Corpus Christi is a stunning Polish feature which has made waves at Venice and deserves further global recognition. Poland may have quite the strong Oscar contender with this film which shares the elegance, complexity and layered narrative approach as Oscar favorites The Hunt (Denmark) and Loveless (Russia). A story that packs an emotional punch while offering fresh themes and interesting perspectives on religion and faith, this is a striking feature that is impressive in every sense of the word and one of the year’s best directed films foreign or otherwise. – Mina Takla, AwardsWatch


Making-of Featurette

Bonus Short Film – Nice to See You (Directed by Jan Komasa | Poland | 16 minutes) – A college student is taken by surprise when her father mysteriously shows up asking her to move back home.

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Type: Blu-ray/DVD/Digital (iTunes, Amazon, Vudu)
Running Time: 116 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1 Widescreen
Audio: DTS HD Master Audio/Dolby Digital 5.1
Language: Polish with English Subtitles



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