Chicco Insulated Rim Spout Trainer Sippy Cups


Disclaimer; I received these products for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion, I have not been compensated in any way.


Chicco Insulated Rim Spout Trainer Sippy Cups 12m+ offer training for big kid drinking! The Cups have a narrow edge for rim training and is shaped for proper lip positioning with plenty of room for little noses. The cups are insulated to keep drinks cooler and longer and creates a spill-free drinking. The 1-piece silicone valve is also easy to remove and clean. Chicco offers variety of cups for children of different ages, and to serve various purposes.

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Leading innovator in infant soothing and feeding, Chicco aims to revolutionize parenting for the next generation and ensure the safety and comfort of babies by partnering with a group of pediatricians, orthodontists, and ergonomists. These will be for my Great Granddaughter that was just born a couple of weeks ago, I am so excited to be able to share these Trainer Cup when she gets to the right age.


Easy To Hold                                                                      Keeps Drinks Cool

Spill Free                                                                              Cool Colors & Designs

Easy to Drink From                                                          Mix and Match

Minamal Parts, Easy to Clean

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Keep it cool with the Chicco Insulated Rim Trainer. The double-wall design provides insulation essential for keeping cold drinks cool longer, and the narrow-edge spout is designed to train toddlers to drink from the rim of a cup. With a unique ergonomic design, this spout encourages proper lower lip positioning with plenty of space for little noses.

Spills have never been easier to avoid. With the one-piece construction silicone valve in place, gentle sipping activates the flow of liquid from the spout. You can flip the cup upside down and all around without leaking a drop. Or easily remove the valve for practice with free-flow drinking.

The contoured shape of the cup is specially designed for tiny hands to grab and hold. The Insulated Rim Trainer is loved by kids and parents alike with fashionable prints decorating each cup and mix and match lids for the perfect color combo.

With minimal parts that are all interchangeable, the Chicco Insulated Rim Trainer is exactly what every parent needs: functional, minimalistic, easy to clean, and loved by kids.

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I highly recommend Chicco Insulated Rim Trainer Cups and all of their products, after all , it’s for our babies and Grandbabies so it has to be made good!


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