Unique Holiday Gift Boxes from Universal Yums

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Disclaimer; I received this product for free in exchange for my review and my honet opinion, I have not been compensated in any way.


With the gift of Universal Yums, your loved one can travel around the world to discover unique snacks,  candies and recipes (each month is themed Рthink Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay, Japan, Jordan & more) without ever leaving their house! Even better, during the month of December Universal Yums will ship a limited-edition Holiday Box filled with a smorgasbord of festive treats eaten all over the world during the holiday season. The box I received was based on Spain, it had different snacks , Fried Egg &Sea Salt Chips, Shortbread with orange marmalade filling, Ham flavored corn puff snack, these are just a few of the yummy snacks inside my box.

What’s in a box?


A variety of sweet and salty snacks are specially brought in from a different country every month.




A booklet!
A 12+ page booklet guides your adventure with trivia, recipes, and other surprises!




Amazing flavors!
Dozens of delightful new flavors to try, like Lacasa Trufas, Cocoa dusted chocolate truffles

How it works
Sign up for a subscription and automatically receive boxes each month until you cancel. Or, give as a gift for either 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.
The ship date of your first box can be seen during the signup process. Future boxes will ship on the 15th of the month, and you’ll receive an email with tracking information every time your box ships.
Receive your box of Yums and enjoy the adventure! Feeling full? You can easily cancel your subscription with our one-step cancellation process. Not that you’d want to!
Select the Size Box


Yum Box

6 + Snacks in every box $13.75
  • 12 page booklet with trivia & games
  • FREE shipping! (USA only)


Yum Yum Box

12 +Snacks in every box $22.92
  • Every snack in the Yum Box + 6 additional snacks to try
  • 16 page booklet with trivia & games
  • Bonus content: recipes, trivia, and so much more!
  • FREE shipping! (USA only)


Super Yum Box

20 +Snacks in every box $35.75
  • Every snack in the Yum Yum Box + 8 additional snacks to try
  • 20 page booklet with trivia & games
  • Bonus content: recipes, trivia, and so much more!
  • FREE shipping! (USA only)


Snacks from a different country delivered monthly, All boxes are complete with a guidebook full of trivia, games and much more!

Let the Yum Yum Box Adventure Begin !

1,000,000 boxes shipped!



Universal Yums

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