Bullied at the Dog Park, A Must Read Book for Every Child


Disclaimer; I received this book for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion, I have not been compensated in any way


Bullied at the Dog Park, featuring Sabrina is an allegory for children so they might learn kindness. The loving tale of how to overcome bullying with help from friends will resonate with children; while simultaneously teaching a valuable lesson in friendship and morality. I have recently found out that my youngest Granddaughter has been bullied at school and this book is for her.  I love this book, it is such a sweet story , it has such a great, inspiring message about bullying and the friendships that blossom when the pets get together


The book is based on a real-life incident that happened when Heather’s beloved dog, Herbie, encountered a much larger dog at the park. The book follows Herbie’s journey of how he comes to understand why he was bullied and what he can do about it. Herbie is able to rely on the help of his friends during his search to find out why they’ve all been bullied before. The group learns valuable lessons about why treating all dogs (and people) with respect is important.


“When I saw my pet being bullied, I started thinking about how children would feel,” said Heather.“ It is about treating everyone – man or dog – with respect. It revolves around the simple concept of kindness,” adds Heather.  Herbie’s advice is to talk to a trusted adult, a teacher or a friend and ask them to step in if they feel others are being victimized.



 Heather Lehrman

Heather Lehman has owned the Gold Coast location of In Home Pet Services since 2009. Based on Long Island, the company provides dog-walking, boarding, pet First Aid/CPR instruction and other services. The company is known for high quality care.

In Home Pet Services is a member of the National Association of Pet Sitters (NAPPS) and Pet Sitters Associates. Lehrman manages a staff of seven and provides support for the parent company’s new franchise.

Heather is a lifetime Nassau County resident and true animal Heather raises funds for a number of animal charities and is a longtime participant and sponsor of the Long Island Pet Expo. She is also a certified Pet Tech and is trained in Pet First Aid and CPR.

You can purchase “Bullied At the Park” from Heather’s site http://www.bulliedatthedogpark.com/ 



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