Trick or Treat with Tastykake Halloween Snacks



Disclaimer; I received these Tastykake snacks for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion, I have not been compensated in any way


Halloween means time for Ghosts, Goblins, scary campfire stories and Tastykake Halloween snacks, hay rides, looking to see if something is behind you when your alone in the dark, Boo! The campfire is crackling while the moon is high, and it’s the perfect time for a few short and spooky stories to entertain your crew. The key to making these stories especially effective is delivering them as though they are fact, right to the very end. A little drama doesn’t hurt either.

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Now , That I have got you scared, let me introduce you to the Halloween Tastykake Snacks that I received below,


Tastykake Kreepy Kakes, 12 cream filled chocolate cakes with icing and spooky sprinkles


Tastykake Kreamies Witchy Treats, Chocolate iced cakes with orange sprinkles.


Tastykake Halloween Creme Filled Snowballs,  Creme filled chocolate cakes, coated with coconut & marshmellow


Tastykake Crunch Mini Donuts, Tastykake Powered Sugar Mini Donuts

Chocolate Frosted Mini Donuts

Tastykake Chocolate Frosted Mini Donuts


Tastykake has so many other treats for us to try.  They have Bars, Cupcakes, Chocolate Bars, Pies, Danish and Sweet Rolls, just to name a few. Their Prices are the best prices for snacks and treats. Tastykake treats are so amazingly fun and delicious, there’s only one thing that could make them better: you.


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Here are some fun Facts:

  1. It would take 14,080 Tastykake individual pies laid end to end to form a mile.
  2. To build a 3-foot wide sidewalk of Butterscotch Krimpets from Center City, Philadelphia to Atlantic City you would need 30,412,800 Krimpets.
  3. To completely cover the Philadelphia Flyers ice hockey rink (60’ x 200’), it would take 172,800 Tastykake Juniors.
  4. Tastykake’s oven is half the length, 150 feet long, of a regulation football field (300 ft).
  5. Tastykake began making donuts in 1985. Today they make more than 1.4 million everyday.
  6. Tastykake bakes 250,000 pies each day.
  7. Tastykake uses the equivalent of 40,000 bushels of apples each year.
  8. You could make almost 8 million peanut butter sandwiches with the same amount of peanut butter that is used in Kandy Kakes in a year.
  9. The top-selling item in the entire Tastykake line of products is Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes.


Now, On to the good facts, Where to buy your Tastykake Treats,  Dollar General, Food City, Publix, Walgreens, CVS and more.


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