Great Holiday Gifts from Lushy Wino


Disclaimer; I received these cute wine glasses for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion, I have not been compensated in any way


Lushy Wino is a wonderful site that sells wine glasses, stemless and stemmed, they also carry wine apparel such as  Classic Tees, V-Neck Tees, Tank Tops and Long Sleeve Tees. Lushy Wino is the least fussy group of wine lovers you’ll ever meet.

They love celebrating wine with friends on the weekends. During the week, they create fun stuff to help you celebrate your love of wine with your friends.

Originally from various parts of Texas, the Lushy Wino squad came together over their shared love of wine and their mutual understanding that wine doesn’t need to pretend to be as fancy as it makes itself out to be.

Lushy Wino stands for a strong work/life balance and believe that we all deserve a few moments of downtime to relax each week… and for them, that’s where wine comes in.

They stand behind all of their products and guarantee satisfaction or they will refund your money. They want our fellow wine lovers to be happy!

Let me tell you about the four wine glasses I received with their unique quotes on each glass,

Quote-I’m Not Slurring My Words. I’m Speaking In Cursive – 16 Ounce Stem Wine Glass  Retails for $15.95

slurring_square_medium slurring_2_medium


Quote-Be Kind, Re-Wine – 16 Ounce Stem Wine Glass Retails for $15.95


LW_-_Stem_-_Rewine_-_Black_BG_Still_medium stem_be_kind_copy_medium


Quote-W.I.N.O.S. Women In Need Of Sanity – 16 Ounce Stem Wine Glass Retails for $15.95

lw_-_winos_-_square_stem_1_medium LW_-_Stem_-_WINOS_-_Box_Front_medium

Quote-Love the Wine You’re With – 16 Ounce Stemless Wine Glass Retails for $15.95

lw_-_love_the_wine_-_square_stemless_2_medium love_the_wine_1_4f5f4c23-06e3-4405-ae61-27d91c2d5bfc_medium

● High quality, large, 16 ounce, stemless wine glass.

● Etched Text (Not Printed!) – The text is etched into the glass and guaranteed to never wear off!

● Ready for Gifting - Your glasses will arrive safely packaged in an attractive, humorous gift box that everyone will love.

● Dishwasher safe! Great for daily use.

All Lushy Wino glasses are individually boxed and protected. The meticulously etched text will never wear off with heavy washing.

Wine not buy one now? Cheers!

If you’ve got Amazon Prime and live in the USA, get free shipping if you buy on Amazon.

I know you will love Lushy Wino because they are unique Gifts that every wine lover would love to have in their home, these will make perfect Christmas gifts or for any occasion. I am showing mine off to everyone that comes to my home and they all Love the cute quotes and the Wine Glasses.


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