Daniella’s Candles – Beautiful Jewelry Pieces Inside!!


Disclosure: I received free product for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Candles are something that’s already an all time love in our family. So when you add jewelry to the mix, you have a recipe for greatness! We were sent two amazing smelling candles from Daniella’s Candles. One scent was Strawberries & Champagne from their holiday collection and the other was Ocean Mist from their classic collection. I have to say, both smell absolutely amazing and the surprises that came inside each one are gorgeous.


About Daniella’s Candles:

Daniella’s Candles is a home fragrance company that offers great smelling products at a very affordable price. The collections include a range of jewelry surprise candles, reed diffusers, car diffusers, room and body sprays, and air fresheners. In each candle you will find a gorgeous piece of jewelry. You can pick to either receive earrings, necklace or a ring ( you can pick the ring size) in your candle. These are great to purchase for home use, give as gifts, or to have for parties!


These 100% all natural soy candles that we were sent come in a variety of different scents that can be purchased directly from the Daniella’s Candles Website. Each one offers over 65 hours of burning time, leaving your home smelling wonderful. Since the holidays are approaching, this would make for an excellent gift since your recipient will be getting two gifts in one! The jewelry piece they will find inside their candle once it burns down enough, will be valued anywhere between $20-$1,000 and be labeled with it’s value so they know exactly what they’re getting.


I decided to burn the Ocean Mist candle first since I loved this scent the most. I was anxious to burn down my candle to get to the jewelry inside but the wait was well worth it! The scent itself was worth me letting the candle take it’s time to enjoy for as long as I could & the earrings that were inside are absolutely beautiful. They are a pair of Flower studs with crystals from Swarovski valued at $55.00. The first thing I loved and noticed was that they are the color of my birthstone, which is a huge plus. They are lightweight and something I can wear every day because they don’t irritate my sensitive ears and fit securely.



My second candle, Strawberries & Champagne from the Holiday Collection fills up the room with it’s sweet smell but is’nt overpowering. I was completely satisfied with the ring that was inside of this candle and adore how elegant it looks on my finger. Overall I am pleasantly pleased with Daniella’s Candles and would recommend to anyone purchasing gifts for a candle lover this holiday. Even if there wasn’t any jewelry inside, the candle itself would put a huge smile on their face!!

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