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Are you planning to do your holiday shopping early? Having trouble figuring out what to get for your loved ones this upcoming holiday season? Mango Publishing is here to help you out. All of their books are very informative and interesting, I am enjoying reading and going through this wonderful book, they would make any reader a wonderful gift this Christmas. They would make perfect stocking-stuffers and gifts during the upcoming holiday season. Have an avid bookworm in the family? Mango has a multitude of books on everything from wine and cookery to happiness handbooks, not to mention lots of inspiring reads.

Crystal Intentions: Practices for Manifesting Wellness- $19.95



Harness the time-honored tradition of crystals and healing stones: The use of gemstones is one of many energy-centered practices that can help you find the calm and peace you need to stay grounded every day. Authors Lune Innate and Araminta Star Matthews are dedicated practitioners of the art of healing with gems, and they’ll teach you everything you need to know to develop a personal practice that works for your own spiritual development.

You already possess the power for harmony and inner balance: Healing crystals are instruments you can use to channel the flow of positive and negative energy within yourself. As part of an intentional meditative practice, gems can be used to find inner peace and wellness, and to ease anxiety and depression.

Transform obstacles into opportunities for growth: A renewed sense of focus and alignment with the universe will support your relationships with yourself and with others. This book is both an introduction to the power of gemstones and crystals, and an opportunity to expand your knowledge of healing arts.

If you have found guidance in Crystals for Beginners, Crystals for Healing, and The Crystal Bible, then Crystal Intentions: Practices for Manifesting Wellness is the perfect addition to your collection of resources.

In this this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the chakra system and other essential healing and balance methods
  • Sense and read the flow of your own energy
  • And use stones to define your path of personal and spiritual development



I know that all of these books will bring you enjoyment, help and just a good read, reading is very important for our lives, Now visit Amazon and find some good reads from Mango Publishing, discover New books and New Adventures. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or wine and curl up on the couch or wherever you love to read and enjoy a good book.







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