Important Facts about Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

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By definition, a hernia can be described as a medical condition that involves the display and protrusion of part of an organ -usually of the abdomen – through its cavity and the wall that encloses it. Over the past several years, the best and most common treatment for this condition is hernia mesh repair surgery, which involves the use of synthetic cavity walls to seal the gap and get the organ in question back to its original position and form. However, depending on the surgical option you choose, surgical hernia repair may result in complications and unpleasant side effects to the patient, some of which may require them to file a lawsuit demanding compensation for the latter. If you’re interested in the topic or you’d simply like to get knowledgeable before filing one, here are some hernia mesh lawsuit facts you should know.

1. Hernia mesh is widely used

Often used in hernia repair surgical procedures, hernia mesh is simply a product that is used to stabilize the tissues around the affected abdominal area during the surgery. The giant fact is that out of the 0.8 million hernia surgeries performed in the US yearly, about 90% of them rely on hernia mesh.

2. Many surgery patients encounter side effects

Despite how important this product is in hernia repair surgeries, thousands of its beneficiaries end up experiencing mild to severe side-effects and complications. Over the past few years, the FDA has received thousands, if not dozens of thousands, of complaints from patients who benefited from treatment using certain hernia mesh products, leading to their recall from the market. the most common side-effects and complications range from pain, obstruction, post-surgery infection, recurrence, adhesion, and perforation, just to name a few.

3. in Their Thousands

As hinted out severally before, many hernia repair surgeries have resulted in lawsuits from patients who experienced adverse side effects and severe complications. Over the past few years, hernia mesh product manufacturers such as Atrium Medical, Atrium Medical, and C.R. Bard have faced thousands of lawsuits from affected consumers due to the injuries these products have been seen to cause, and the numbers seem to be increasing with the tic of the clock. However, many of these cases remain unsettled to date, which makes it important to always work with a highly experienced and dedicated Hernia Mesh Lawsuits professional if you ever find yourself a victim of these products.

4. What Can You Get?

After a hernia repair goes wrong and results in injuries, the patient can file a lawsuit against the product’s manufacturer. If the court is on their favor upon the ruling of the case, they could get compensation in damages for medical bills, and lost wages, and any other form of pain and suffering they might have dealt with in that duration.

In addition to this, it’s also important to note that a hernia mesh lawsuits didn’t just start the other day. Many multi-million settlements have been made on lawsuits against the same companies on other products they manufacture, especially pelvic and transvaginal mesh.

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