Beach Bag Essentials Perfect For National Beach Day!



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The last weekend of August is finally here so why not spend those final days of summer soaking in the sun & catching some waves? Today is National Beach Day which makes it the perfect time to grab the kids and step on out for a day trip to your favorite beach! Our girls are heading back to school next week so this is our last chance to get away and relax before everything gets back to it’s hectic schedule.



A beach day is just what the doctor ordered but wouldn’t be complete without a few beach bag essentials, keeping you prepared for the day. Below are a few of the 2019 Product of the Year Winners you should definitely have in your bag when heading out for a day out on the sand!

  1. Honu Sunscreen (MSRP: $7.96): This 2019 product of the year award winner is a water resistant (up to 80 mins) SPF 50 sunscreen that comes with a patented extended wand for hard to reach places. It’s designed to help you protect every inch of your body including your neck, back, and everywhere you would normally find it hard to cover. Honu Sunscreen was inspired by the Honu, the Hawaiian sea turtle and is reef safe. A must for any beach or summer day!
  2. OREO THINS BITES (MSRP: $3.30): You can’t have beach day without something delicious to munch on, especially when you have kids and extended stays. OREO’s are always a must have essential since everyone in our family loves them! These 2019 Product of the Year award-winning cookies are thin and crispy, made with OREO cookie’s distinctive rich cocoa and signature crème that are covered in a smooth, thin coating of fudge. Yummy!
  3. Gold Emblem abound White Cheddar Flavored Bite-sized Quinoa & Rice Cakes (MSRP: $2.79): So when you’re on a healthy kick like I am, it’s always a great idea to pack some snacks that are also tasty. These bite sized rice cakes are just what are needed when you want a snack on the beach but don’t want to feel the guilt. This 2019 Product of the Year award winner is low in cholesterol, are packed with whole grain and gluten free. It’s a win!!
  4. ZYN – Holistic Wellness Beverage (MSRP: $3.49): Your beach bag essential list wouldn’t be complete without some hydrating items. That’s why ZYN all natural infusion beverages is here! This 2019 Product of the Year award winner provides delicious healing hydration that’s made with simple, clean ingredients. It also has 200 mg of Curcumin in every bottle which is the source of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant healing power from Turmeric. Flavors include Mixed Berry and Mango Lychee which have only 10 calories and 2 grams of sugar. Talk about guilt free!
  5. Black Forest Gummy Bears: Let’s face it, we all enjoy something a little sweet. Gummy bears are a family favorite that we all can share, making it the best beach bag essential to carry. Black Forest Gummy Bears are a chewy, sweet, delicious, fat free and gluten free snack that’s made with real fruit juice and 100 calories per serving! Flavors in each pack include pineapple, cherry, apple, strawberry, orange, & lemon. Oh so delicious!


There you have it! It’s National Beach Day and if you’re planning on traveling to the shore, make sure you’re prepared.  Pack your bag with some or all of these essentials for the last weekend of summer!

Are you celebrating National Beach Day? What are some of your must have beach bag essentials?

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