Tabet2Cases Cooper Touchpad Executive Bluetooth Keyboard Folio Review & Giveaway

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Tablet2Cases is a wonderful company that sells Cases for iPads, Tablets and many more products, they come in 10 inch, and below. Tablets are great, unless you actually need to get some work done, when you soon discover that typing on a touchpad is a bit like eating with chopsticks – it can be done, but there’s an art to it. The Cooper Touchpad takes the frustration out of drafting text and keeps the screen smudge-free thanks to its fully functional touchpad. And the ultra-slim keyboard can be removed from the attractive, businesslike case for when you want to leave the office behind. It also comes with a mouse touchpad for easy navigation that will work great with Android and Windows tablets , This  Executive Bluetooth Keyboard Foli comes in 3 colors, Black, Blue and Purple and Retails for $34.95, it is well worth the price and I am loving my new keyboard case for my tablet.

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  • Universal design
  • Built-in touchpad with multi-touch gesture support
  • Compact US English QWERTY keyboard

The Cooper Touchpad is modeled after the Executive Keyboard portfolio, which aims to bring the traditional typing experience back for tablet users. This mobile office is easy to carry around weighing in at just 297g/10.4oz (the rough equivalent of two iPhones). It comes with a Bluetooth connected, magnetically secured keyboard that also lets you roam in a 10m radius and has four stretchy claws that neatly secure any tablet type thinner than 0.4″ and leave all buttons or ports fully accessible.




Touchpad designed with multi-touch gesture technology that supports left/right clicks, 2 finger swipes for scrolling, pinches for in/out zooms and much more.




78 scissor- cut keys with US Qwerty layout. It has a range of hotkeys for volume control and more.



Secure buckle strap lock and kickstand for hands-free viewing




Removeable magnetic keyboard for when you just want the hot looking case


  • Universal tablet design: 4 stretchy claws secure any tablet
  • Comes in three ranges 7-8”, 8-8.9”, 9-10.5”
  • Smooth faux-leather finish leaves a professional impression in meetings
  • Comfy microfiber interior cushions your tablet
  • Removable magnetic keyboard for when you just want that hot-looking case
  • Secure buckle strap lock and kickstand for hands-free viewing
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection with 10m range (so you can walk from the kitchen to the living room without losing connectivity)
  • 78 scissor-cut keys with US QWERTY layout
  • Range of handy hotkeys for volume control and more
  • Touchpad designed with multi-touch gesture technology that supports left/right clicks, 2-finger swipes for scrolling, pinches for in/out zooms, plus other Windows 8 & 10 built-in gestures
  • Charges full via USB in 2-2.5h and lasts up to 60h of uninterrupted typing time
  • 7 – 8” version:
    • Claws expand from min. 4″ to max 5.1″ inches in width, and from min. 6.5″ to max 8.4″ inches in height.”
  • 8 – 8.9” version:
    • Claws expand from min. 5″ to max 5.8″ inches in width, and from min. 8.3″ to max 9.1″ inches in height.”
  • 9.7 – 10.5” version:
    • Claws expand from min. 6.5″ to max 7.35″ inches in width, and from min. 9.25″ to max 10.7″ inches in height.


Discount Code: BBPRODUCT
Valid until: September 15th, 2019
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Giveaway Details- Tablet2Cases is giving away to 1 winner, any one product from their website, How nice is that !

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