Hasbro Nerf Super Soaker Review

Are you looking for a fun summer toy for your child? Water blasters are great options for backyard games where your little one gets to run around soaking targets. The Hasbro Nerf Super Soaker is one of the water blasters available at Star Walk Kids. It’s a 481-gram water blaster with a tank capacity of 473 milliliters. Super Soaker is a reputable brand that has been making water blasters since 1989. You can count on the high standards of the build and design of this toy. This review looks at a few other reasons the Squall Surge water blaster is a good buy.


Easy to Use

The water blaster has a sleek, tactical design that makes it easy to operate. You have to pour water into the reservoir by opening the cap at the top of the toy. Then, you have to pump the blaster a few times to attain optimum pressure before it starts spraying water. Even a person who has never used a water gun before won’t have trouble figuring this out. A plus side is that you don’t have to fill the tank to spray. The build of the gun may appear bulky, but it fits in the hands quite nicely, making it easy for a child to run around with the water gun without any issues. Weight is always a consideration when picking kids toys, and this particular one passes the test at 481 grams.


Long and Powerful Water Fights

With a reservoir that stores almost half a liter of water, the player doesn’t have to worry about the blaster running out of water quickly. The gun can blast water up to 10.6 meters. This distance is above average compared to other toys of similar construction. That extra power in the blast makes for fun times. Children can blast moving targets even at a distance, giving them a competitive edge. While testing, we found that the water blaster doesn’t have the same soaking ability of more traditional Super Soaker products, but it fairs better than a majority of other blasters.


Excellent Performance

Super Soaker is famous for its powerful summer toys, and this particular water blaster tries to stay true to that. For one, it has an air-pump pressurized chamber, which was the main feature in the water blasters Super Soaker made in the 90s. This mechanism allows the blaster to fire continuously. The heavy-gauge plastic armament from Nerf is a valuable addition to the product because it offers reliability. Super Soaker Squall Surge is a tough water blaster that will hold up well to regular usage.


When weighed against other Super Soaker kids toys, the Squall Surge is reliable, sturdy and durable. The water blaster is suitable for children aged 6 and above.


When searching for a water blaster at Star Walk Kids, the Hasbro Nerf Super Soaker is a good recommendation. The water capacity is decent, the weight is average and the blast is more powerful than most water pistols. You get non-stop streams thanks to the pressurized firing, which provides long-lasting fun. It’s a perfect summer toy for any child who enjoys getting soaked.

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