4 Useful Porch Cleaning Tips


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Your porch will always create the first impression to your visitors on what to expect when they go inside your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect this area, and in most cases, it is the last one that they wash and maintain. You can always invite the visitors to sit on the front porch and have some drinks as you enjoy the fresh air. That will be impossible if it is messy. Since after cleaning the rest of the house, many people feel lazy to wash the porch, here are the best cleaning tips that can help you accomplish this goal in record speed.

1) Preparation

You require having the necessary products for your cleaning. These products can handle tough cleaning jobs and more other cleanups. They will make your work much more comfortable. If you have neglected the area for some time, there could be leaves, debris, dirt, and weed. You could also have put other items like flower base. The first step is to remove any furnishers. You should sweep debris, dirt, and leaves on your porch. Do not leave the growing weed either. Use a kitchen knife or uproot any leftovers. Since you do not want them to grow again, you can pour salt on the tile of your porch, or you can also spray weed killer. It will ensure that they die permanently.

2) Concrete Porch

Cleaning will depend on how dirty your porch is. If you have a pressure washer pump, dirty washing floor becomes easy. If you do not have one, use traditional ways. You can use undiluted bleach if it is too messy. Brown soap will be okay if you have a habit of cleaning it regularly. Using a stiff brush, you should scrub the dirty floor thoroughly. If it has some stains, you can pour the undiluted bleach and leave it for some time. Be careful when washing because the bleach can damage your glass if it comes into contact.

If the floor is not dirty, using a blown soap, wash the floor thoroughly as you continue pouring water. It is not advisable to clean the undiluted bleach at night. You can leave and rinse it in the morning.

3) Stone Porch

When cleaning your veranda, you have to be careful of the soap you use. You can only wash some tiles with a special cleaner. If you have a stone porch, you can clean it using either soda crystals or brown soap. Using a stiff brush, you have to scrub the floor vigorously. In case there some growing weeds, use white vinegar to spray the cracks. The grass will die permanently. Once you are sure that the floor is clean, rinse it. Have to be careful if it is next to a flowerbed or lawn. The solution you are using could kill the flowers and grass.

4) Cleaning Porch Furniture

Do not return rocking chairs, plant pots, or doormat without cleaning it first. Use a sponge, warm water, and soap to wipe them clean. Since you do not want your floor rotting, dry them first before placing them back. You can add some new fresh details to make it look lovelier. Ensure that the pots have beautiful colored flowers. Do not put a dull-colored pillowcase on your sits. You can consider replacing your doormat with a new one.


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