4 Tips for buying Golf course Maintenance Equipment


Before you buy golf course maintenance equipment, you should consider some few tips.  You can find some tips on buying turf equipment from professional golf course maintenance experts. There are many reviews on golf course maintenance equipment. Through research, you will identify some of the best and long lasting equipment to buy. We will also give you some tips to consider when buying such long term equipment. They do not come cheap. It is important that you get value for your money.

Here are 4 Tips to buying Golf course Maintenance Equipment:

1. Timing

You should buy the equipment at an appropriate time. When you consider available vendor offers, you will save some money.  You should first identify a good vendor for such equipment. Some vendors offer the equipment at cheaper prices. They may also offer discounts at certain times. Another important reason why you should know the right time to buy equipment is for budgeting purposes. Walking mowers may be used for at least ten years before replacement. If it is of good quality, and you ensure that the mechanic services it regularly, it will give you service for a long time. You may use it on greens for five years, and then on the tees for another five years. A fairway mower may last up to six years. You should budget for such basic equipment first to ensure that your budget fits.

2. Recommendations

Through research online, you can get recommendations of some of the best golf course maintenance equipment vendors. Through social media, golf associations, or friends, you can ask for recommendations. It is good to check reviews of various companies and feedback from their existing customers. This can help you identify a good supplier. Opt for vendors who offer after sales service and support as well. You may also check the guarantee first before buying the equipment. For high-value equipment including rollers, trailers, and top dressers, some companies may arrange for financing. This eases your financial burden making them easily affordable. But you will need to contact such companies for financing details.

3. Long term equipment

Before you buy any equipment, you should consider the advantages of leasing over buying the equipment. You should follow the rule of leasing equipment that you use frequently. You may then budget to buy long-lasting and more expensive equipment such as tractors and trailers. You can lease mowers, aerators, and top dressers. With time you may then buy all the equipment, and this will be more cost effective.

4. Golf course equipment assessment

If the golf course condition deteriorates, the players who are the customers fail to get satisfaction and may fail to show up at the course. To avoid this assessment of good golf course maintenance and the equipment that one requires is important. The management team should keep proper records on available equipment when they are due for replacement, and the budget. This way, they can easily identify depreciating and new equipment to buy.

If you maintain the golf courses in good condition, it will attract more players. It is easier to maintain the golf course if you have the right equipment and professional personnel.

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