How to Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back After Childbirth

In our media-obsessed world, it’s easy to catch sight of so many high-profile celebrity moms getting straight back into shape after pregnancy. It’s the last thing new moms want to see, especially when self-confidence is at its lowest.

Let’s be realistic. It isn’t ‘normal,’ or even healthy for that matter, to slim down straight after having a baby at such speed.

The reality is that celebrities have personal trainers, nannies, and chefs running around them to help during those first few months of motherhood. If we all had as much help as this, it would be much easier to slim down to our pre-baby bodies and have a little more time to spend on ourselves.

The key is to not compare yourself to the A-listers. There are some crazy diets that celebrities take on, which should be avoided at all costs.

Below is a round up of the more realistic, achievable tips that can get you that pre-baby body back.


Have patience

No matter how quickly you assume you’ll be ready to start exercising and focusing on your body; the best advice is to wait a little while. You should never begin to exercise straight out of the hospital, as it’s essential to heal and rest first.

Most postpartum check-ups will be taken place at around the six-week mark, so do take this time to not stress about your baby belly or any excess weight gained. Remember it is normal and is a sign of the hard work you have been through. Plus, doing too much too soon is the number one way to cause setbacks to your health, so learn the art of patience.


Heal and repair

Following from the point above, your body naturally has its own time scale in which it will heal and repair. Some people recover quicker than others, so bear in mind there is no rush. Your body will repair itself in its own time.

If you have had a natural birth, it is common to suffer from tearing and scarring of the perineal tissue. Even when the body begins to heal, scarring can sometimes remain and depending on the amount of trauma experienced, disfiguration can be formed.

Don’t alarm yourself with this – later down the line you can always consider perineal repair. There are some excellent professionals, such as David Ghozland, who specializes in this area.


If you can, breastfeed

It’s common knowledge that breastfeeding is a good choice for your baby. Not only does it provide the baby with nutrients and various health benefits, but it is also known as a fabulous way of burning calories for you.

They say on average it can burn around 300-500 calories per day, helping to reduce the size of your belly. From the motion of breastfeeding, the uterus starts to contract quicker, returning to its pre-baby size a lot faster than it would if breastfeeding didn’t happen.

Of course, not everyone can take to breastfeeding, so don’t feel pressured if it isn’t for you.


Start light cardio

It isn’t just your baby belly that will be bigger – pregnancy tends to add extra pounds all around the body. When you feel fit and able, look at getting into light cardio. It can be as easy as pushing the baby in the pram for an hour a day, taking an exercise class if you have a partner who can look after the baby for a few hours, or just dancing around the house!

Just try to keep your heart rate going and your body moving, which will soon burn those calories.


Stomach crunches

Make stomach crunches something to put on your plans a few months down the line, once you have properly healed. When you have, and you’re back to your usual health, look at doing some serious crunches to tone up.

There are plenty of YouTube videos which can help you out if you’re unsure how to do these. Start off small, with perhaps ten a day. Then slowly increase so that your stomach muscles get used to it and start tightening up.


Ask for help

It’s easy to try and be ‘supermom,’ but you can’t do everything alone. If you have a partner, utilize their help whenever possible. If friends or family can cook dinner for you one night, let them. Having a solid network around you who support you is vital. Not just for helping you stay active and work on yourself, but also for your mental health, too.


Above all, time is key. Your body won’t snap back into shape a couple of weeks after, so learn to love your body for what it has been through. When you’re settled into your new routine as a mother, then take some inspiration from the tips above.

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