What You Can Do to Care for Your Elderly Parents

If you are lucky enough to see your parents reach old age, there will come a time when you, in some form or another, have to care for them. Depending on the way their twilight years pan out for them, they may, for instance, one day find themselves incapable of performing the simple task of walking up the stairs without assistance.

There are many ways that you can care for your elderly parents. Read on to unearth a number of them.


Make their home easily accessible for them

The inability to perform simple tasks, such as the aforementioned struggle of getting up and down the stairs alone, will make your parents’ lives much harder. You should seek to take away this difficulty for them by making their home far more easily accessible.

In this instance, you should:

  • Install a stairlift to help them retain independence when it comes to tackling the stairs.

  • Have handrails fitted around the home to see them remain upwardly mobile more often.

  • Create a ramp outside the front door for easy wheelchair access.

No matter how much it costs or even what your parents may say about the matter, making their home more accessible is something you simply must do. Above all else, it will help them to retain the quality of living that they deserve.

By all means, help them… but don’t do everything for them

You could end up doing your parents more harm than good if you decide to do everything for them. Their bodies may age, but, for as long as they are still physically capable of performing certain tasks, you should push them to perform them. They will be worse off in the long run if you allow them to live a completely dependent and sedentary life.

To ensure that your parents remain active and self-dependent, you should ensure that they attempt the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). These activities include:

  • Self-feeding — if necessary you can cook their meals for them, but make sure that they feed themselves if they are capable of doing so.

  • Functional mobility — do not allow your parents to remain seated all day.

  • Independent dressing — washing and ironing their clothes is fine to do for them, but if they are able to dress themselves encourage them to do so.


Ensure that they get quality care

As an unprofessional carer, you won’t be able to provide your parents with the exact level of assistance they need to be able to retain a quality standard of living. For this reason, you should never have any qualms in reaching out to professional carers.

Your job isn’t over the moment you hire a carer, though. As well as continuing to offer your own support, you should also be sure to keep an eye on how the carer is treating your parents. If you deem the service that they provide to be anything less than quality, then you need to do something about it. Whether you simply find a new carer or whether you get in touch with Garcia Law, a nursing home abuse attorney, to get the compensation your parents deserve as a result of their ill-treatment, you should do something. For the sake of your parents’ health and wellbeing, you simply cannot take poor care lying down.

To provide your parents with the care they need during their twilight years, you must put the above advice into practice. There are many moving parts you need to keep tabs on if you want your parents to be looked after, and looked after well.


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