How to Stay Safe on a Family Vacation

While you are on holiday with your partner and children, the last thing that you want is to have the safety of your family compromised. Unfortunately, however, no matter where is it you travel to, there is always the potential for things to go wrong. Holiday danger can and will rear its ugly head, which is why you need to treat staying safe while you are away from home with the utmost seriousness.


To see what you need to do to stay as safe as you possibly can while you are on your next family holiday, make sure to read on.

Choose your accommodation wisely

If you are serious about avoiding all of the dangers that could potentially befall you and your family while on holiday, you need to choose your accommodation wisely. When you are travelling with children, especially, the need to choose a safe place to stay is vital. First and foremost, you need somewhere that doesn’t grant access to your site on a whim — you need a place that is tight on security and doesn’t let just anybody stroll onto your complex. Also, depending on the age and mentality of your children, you also need somewhere that won’t allow them to just go wandering off wherever and whenever they please. In this instance, it may be a good idea to look into baby and toddler friendly villas. That way, you will have complete control over where your children go at all times. Also, when you choose child-friendly accommodation, you will find a host of amenities at your disposal — from stair safety gates to doorknob covers — to ensure that your children remain safe at all times while they are indoors.

Do not leave children or vulnerable members of your party to fend for themselves

You shouldn’t leave children or vulnerable people to fend for themselves at the best of times, but you especially shouldn’t do so while on holiday. Without a knowledge of the area or the people that live and work there, no matter how friendly they might be, the child or person in question will be placed in real danger, even if you only leave them for a matter of minutes.

Keep your cash protected

Unfortunately, no matter where it is in the world you travel to, whether it’s somewhere considered to be particularly dangerous or not, there is always an element of risk with regards to money. There are always going to be people out there looking to make a quick buck, which means there will always be thieves lurking around the corner who are more than willing to take all your holiday cash from you.


To keep your cash protected, you should:


  • Only ever take the exact amount of money you need for that day out with you.

  • Keep what money you do take out in a secure bag, and make sure you always keep that bag on you.

  • Keep the rest of your cash stored away in a safe back at your accommodation.

  • Consider taking a pre-loaded travel card with you.

Be careful when it comes to drinking alcohol

You deserve to let your hair down while on your holiday, so there’s nothing wrong with having a little drink every now and again. However, there are plenty of dangers that can arise out of the over-consumption of alcohol, especially while you are on a family holiday.


For starters, by going over the limit and becoming somewhat incoherent, your ability to look after your kids will worsen. Even taking your eye off them for one second could be detrimental, which is why you need to keep a clear head at all times. Know your limits, and don’t exceed them. Don’t leave your drinks unattended, either, as that could lead to your drinks being spiked and a one-stop trip to the nearest hospital to boot.

Be wary when it comes to taxi drivers

Taxi drivers that know you are not from the area will, often, seek to take advantage of your lack of local knowledge. Whether this means charging more than is necessary or driving you into a suspicious area for no apparent reason, you need to avoid this kind of danger at all costs by being wary when it comes to getting a taxi. Pieces of advice in this instance include:


  • Ensuring that you only ever get into licensed taxis.

  • Having an idea of the quickest route to take to get to wherever it is you are going before getting in the vehicle.

  • Settling on a price as a result of your knowledge prior to setting off on your journey (or ensuring that your driver has the meter running if that service is available.)

Follow your gut

With your children in tow, it is essential that you avoid danger as often as you can. If, then, you have a gut feeling that a particular area of activity is not at all safe, follow your instinct and get your family away from the perceived danger. Quite simply, if something doesn’t feel right, don’t have any qualms in getting your family as far away from it as possible.

Don’t advertise your absence

Staying safe while on holiday entails you doing all you can to keep your belongings back home safe, too. One way to do this is not to advertise your absence. By posting content to your Facebook page that states you will be away on holiday for a while, for instance, you make your home a sitting duck for burglary — quite simply, you never know who is going to see your post. What you need to do, then, is avoid that urge to show-off about your luxury holiday and keep schtum about it instead.


To stay safe on your next family holiday, you simply must put all the advice listed above into practice. By not doing so, who knows what kind of problems you and your family may face, both while you are on your holiday and when you return home.

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