JAVA HOUSE Dual-Use Liquid Cold Brew Pods Review


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Java House has their New  Dual-Use Liquid Cold Brew Pods that you can make hot coffee or Pour you liquid pod over ice and have it cold, You just add water & ice to enjoy your iced coffee. They all are very good.

Whether you need a extra caffeine boost for 2019 workout resolution, or need something to help you hibernate under the covers this Winter, Java House‘s new Dual-Use Liquid Cold Brew Pods, will warm you up – yes, cold brew!
Each of the liquid pods feature their delicious cold brew in concentrate form (instead of the grounds you find inside a traditional pod). If you’re a traditional cold brew fan, simply open, pour over ice, add water and enjoy! Or, pop the liquid pod into your Keurig machine to cuddle up with a smoother cup of cold brew hot.  Works in all K-cup Brewers.
JAVA HOUSE Ethiopian variety is an earthy light roast. Retails at $ 8.99  for 6-count or 12-ct for $15.99
JAVA HOUSE Colombian variety is a smooth medium roast for the traditionalist coffee connoisseur.  Retails $ 8.99 for 6-count or 12-ct for $15.99
JAVA HOUSE Sumatran variety is a bold dark roast for the adventurous.  Retails $ 8.99 for 6-count or 12-ct for $15.99
JAVA HOUSE Decaf variety is for those who love coffee but also don’t want to stay up all night. Retails $ 8.99 for 6-count or 12-ct for $15.99
Java_House_Colombian_Black_10oz-718_large JJava_House_Colombian_Black_32oz-718_large
JAVA HOUSE Pure Black Cold Brew is 100% authentic using just two ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee beans and cold water. We slowly steep grounds for 12 hours in handcrafted small batches using no preservatives, coffee additives, coffee derivatives or reconstituted coffee.  Retails for $ 6.99, 32 oz.Bottle or  12-Pack , 10 Oz Bottles $29.99
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JAVA HOUSE – Concentrate, perfect for preparing batches of any size. Mix 1 part concentrate with 2 parts water. Serve iced or hot. Makes up to 12 cups. No preservatives, coffee additives, coffee derivatives or reconstituted coffee.
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JAVA HOUSE has brought a whole new level of covenience and overall quality, each Pod delivers a consistently smooth flavor, whether you enjoy it hot or cold. Each pod features the perfect portion of cold brew concentrate , instead of grounds you find in treaditional pods. Simply peel open, pour over ice, and add water to enjoy cold brew wherever you are, or pop the new liquid pod into you single serve brewer to enjoy a much smoother cup of coffee. I am enjoying my new JAVA HOUSE coffee pods Cold and Hot and my cup of coffee is perfect, smooth tasting and good from beginning to end,  Delicious every time.
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