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Disclaimer; I Received This Product For Free In Exchange For My Review and My Honest Opinion


Doc Popcorn is a bright and cheerful Doc Popcorn Tin contains your favorite POPelicious Doc Popcorn. Their stay-fresh tin and resealable tape will keep Doc Popcorn fresh for weeks.  I received the Better Butter, Caramel Bliss and the Cheezy Cheddar Popcorns. This Popcorn is the best popcorn that I have ever eaten, it is so fresh, tastey and just plain delicious, it has approximately 58 cups of your favorite fresh popped Doc Popcorn.


The Better Butter Tin, Betty Botter bought some Better Butter, and she said this popcorn’s better! Better buy a batch of Better Butter. It comes in 1 Gallon Tin, with the option of 5 different Tin Options.


Caramel Bliss is a decadent, buttery confection that takes popcorn to another level and cranks your bliss meter up to 11,  it comes in a 1 Gallon Tin with 5 Tin Selection Options.


Cheezy Cheddar , cheesy cheddar will take your taste buds on a ride into the flavor zone, Comes in 1 Gallon Tin, also with 5 Selection Options

These are just 3 of the Flavor selections to choose from, they also have,  Apple Crisp, Denver Mix, Hoppin Jalapeno, Klassic Kettle, Sweet Butter, this is just a few flavors to choose from, there are many more also. Doc Popcorn also comes in 1 Gallon Tin, 3.5 Gallon Tin with 3 flavors, Pop Party Packs and Corporate Gifts and Doc Popcorn  creates their own proprietary blends using high-quality ingredients that are free of trans fats, MSG, artificial colors and preservatives..  Doc Popcorn has offered a discount code for you, Use code BBPROD for 20% off your online order from

Cheese 'N' Caramel popcorn
Denver Mix popcorn
French Toast popcorn

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6 Big Tins

This is the way to really say “Thank You!” Their Big Tins are filled with over 3 gallons of delicious Doc Popcorn in a trio of flavors that you get to choose!

alt text This product includes free shipping

12 Tiny Tins

These fun 1-gallon tins hold about 16 cups of delicious Doc Popcorn! They truly are a tasteful gift – perfect for employees, vendors, or anybody on your list!

alt text This product includes free shipping

24 Teeny Tins

Dod Popcorn also does Catering, From rolling in a Mobile PopCart to create their POPelicious flavors on-site to delivering an array of mouthwatering fresh-popped flavors to your door, they have lots of great options to help you celebrate and create smiles for your guests. They also bring their PopCarts into venues like convention centers, art shows, music festivals and sporting events of all kinds.


Snack & Smile

In the tiny kitchen of their Manhattan apartment, Rob and Renee began blending and popping their own delicious, naturally flavored popcorn.  They were on a mission to create a snack that was not only remarkably tasty, but also healthier…combining the freshest flavors with one of the most popular whole-grain snacks on the planet. And so, from the humble beginnings of a New York City apartment, Doc Popcorn was born.

Rob & Renee then decided to move to the city at the heart of natural foodies everywhere, Boulder, Colorado. There, they began selling their innovative fresh-popped, kettle-cooked popcorn in shopping malls, stadiums and event centers throughout the state of Colorado.

In their spare time, this dynamic duo “popped” three little kernels of their own.  This active family of five can often be found running, biking, skiing and laughing as much as possible.

Today, Doc Popcorn PopShops™ are popping up all across the United States and around the world to bring more deliciousness to popcorn lovers everywhere. Each PopShop™ is individually owned and operated by POPrietors, who serve up smiles with every heaping handful of Doc Popcorn’s freshly popped snack…

I highly recommend Doc Popcorn , it is truely the Best popcorn , you will ever eat, Visit them today and purchase you a Gallon or two, It is delicious !! You will not be able to stop eating it, It is  that good.

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