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Disclaimer: I received this blanket for free in exchange for my review and My honest opinion


Let me say that for years, I have always had problems going to sleep and staying asleep but since I started using my Yorkville Weighted Blanket , I am slepping very well and through the night. Yorkville Blankets are the #1 rated weighted blanket for a reason! Since 2015, their blankets have been the top choice for adults with anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia.  They have meticulously refined their product to simulate the security and calming effects of a great hug! Weighted blankets are incredibly effective tools for helping children and adults cope with a variety of disorders and provide calming pressure throughout the night.

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How to Determine the Right Size for You

Occupational and Physical Therapists recommend selecting a blanket that is  5-10% of body weight plus a 1 or 2 pounds. The perfect weight for you is a matter of preference, however, we have provided the table below to help you find your perfect blanket. Some adults and children take a couple of weeks to get used to the additional weight to fully experience the calming effect that the blanket can offer. See the official website, to determine the ideal size for you based on your weight,  https://www.yorkvilleblankets.com/blogs/learn-more-about-weighted-blankets/what-size-weighted-blanket-is-right-for-you


What Weight should my comforter be?

One important thing to keep in mind when deciding what size weighted blanket to buy  is that the effect of the weighted blanket will only have an impact if it is actually on top of you. Unlike other blankets the standard premium blanket is designed to cover a single person and have as much weight on top of the person as possible, not hanging off their sides.

With comforters it is important to keep in mind that much of the blanket will not be on top of the body. You can fold the blanket in half so more of it is on top of you but if you are planning on using it with multiple people keep in mind the amount of weight that will actually be on top of you and consider if a second blanket may be necessary.

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Weighted blankets are incredibly effective tools for helping children and adults cope with a variety of disorders and provide calming pressure throughout the night.  By evenly distributing the weight across the blanket, the blanket provides pressure and sensory input throughout the body to help relax tenseness. The pressure provided by the weight of the blankets provides input to the brain, producing a calming effect much in the way a great hug does. Weighted blankets are recommended by Occupational Therapists to help children and adults cope with  Anxiety, Insomnia, Autism, ADD/ADHD, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), sleep disorders, Restless Leg Syndrome, PTSD, and many other disorders.

Yorkville Blankets are made to last and are constructed with the highest quality fabrics and fillings to be the most comfortable and practical weighted blanket made.  https://www.yorkvilleblankets.com/collections/frontpage/products/yorkville-weighted-blanket?variant=7187758612538

Small (5 Lbs)

Our smallest blanket weighs 5 lbs and is ideal for children between 35 and 80 lbs or for use as a travel blanket/lap pad for adults.

Medium (10 Lbs)

Our medium blanket weighs 10 lbs and is recommended for anybody between 70 and 130 lbs.

Large (14 Lbs)

Our newest weighted blanket size, recommended for those 130 to 180 pounds!

Large Adult Weighted Blanket 18 lbs or 22 lbs

X-Large (18 or 22 lbs)

Our most popular weighted blankets are made to cover an adult body and come in 18 lbs or 22 lbs, making this a great weighted blanket for adults 150 lbs and up.

Top Material: The top fabric is a light 100% cotton that is both attractive and breathable, allowing for a cool sleep even throughout hot summer months when it is too hot for layers and layers of blankets.

Filling: Each blanket is filled with thousands of glass micro-beads and polyester filling blended together for soft and even weight distribution without hard plastic beads or added bulk.

Bottom Material: The bottom of the blanket is made of a plush cotton flannel that provides a breathable and soft surface with an extra cozy touch.

Machine Washable Weighted Blanket: Since Yorkville Weighted blankets are 100% cotton they are machine washable on a cold, light cycle (air to dry). For frequent use, we recommend using a cover to prevent significant washing. For heavier blankets an industrial laundromat washer or washing by hand may be required.

Retail Price:

Small (5lbs)- $149.00 , Med. (10lbs)- $199.00, Large (14lbs) $219.00, X-Large (18lbs) $239.00, XL Heavy (22lbs) $249.00  Fast & Free Shipping

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I highly recommend Yorkville Weighted Products, they do really help you get a good nights sleep. Visit their website and buy a Weighted Blanket or other products and start feeling the stress melt away. I am a believer in my weighted blanket.  https://www.yorkvilleblankets.com/

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