7 Problems to Overlook When Buying a New Home

Finding the perfect home can be a challenge, as almost every property will have its issues – even a brand-new build. While you should never overlook a major structural problem, there are some small issues you should consider ignoring to secure your dream home and maybe even a better mortgage deal.

If you want to find the perfect property for your family, here are seven problems to overlook when buying a new home.

  1. Unsightly Paint Colors & Furniture

Never rule out a property based on its unsightly paint colors and furniture. If it is based in a good neighborhood and it is the right size and design for your family, a few interior changes could transform the space into your dream home.

Try to look beyond the current homeowner’s questionable taste and imagine how you would use and decorate each room. All it might need is your keen eye for interior design to create a home you are proud to call your own.

  1. Clutter

While many sellers will attempt to declutter their belongings to attract as many buyers as possible, others might allow you to view their home as it is.

As a result, it might feel impossible to imagine yourself living in a property when faced with a stranger’s family photographs, personal trophies and unique works of art.

If so, try to look past their belongings and instead focus on the room’s size and natural lighting to avoid making a big mistake.

  1. A Lack of Home Security

While home security is bound to be at the top of your list when raising a family, you shouldn’t overlook a property based on its lack of security features.

After all, strong locks can be installed, and outdoor lighting can be fitted to create a safe and secure home for your partner and children.

You also can choose from reputable Tampa home security services, who can install a security or alarm system to suit your needs.

  1. Ugly Doors

Ugly interior fixtures can easily turn many buyers off, as they can detract from the decor.

Before you attend a house viewing, embrace the mindset that every property is a work in progress, as interior doors are easy to replace and will not cost the earth to do so.

In some cases, a modern door lever might be all that is needed to transform a plain door into a beautiful feature within the home.

  1. An Outdated Kitchen or Bathroom

If you are having second thoughts about a property due to an outdated kitchen or bathroom, you can trust other property hunters will be, too. If you are up for the challenge, it might be better to embark on a new kitchen remodel yourself.

A poor-quality kitchen or bathroom will most likely repel many buyers, so don’t be afraid to go in with a smaller offer to cover the cost of the kitchen or bathroom and then some. If a seller has received next to no offers on their home, they might be willing to accept a lower rate to secure a sale.

  1. Straightforward Repairs

Many property hunters might want to run for the hills when faced with a leaky roof or outdated HVAC system.

While it might be a big issue, they can be relatively straightforward problems to fix, and you could even deduct the cost of the replacement from your offer price, so it will not cost you a penny extra to fix and you will not need to say goodbye to your dream home.

However, ensure you receive a quote for an update before you make an offer, or it could cost you more money once you have received the keys to the property.

  1. Poor Landscaping

Poor landscaping might not have provided you with the best first impression of a home, but it is nothing that cannot be fixed.

If the property, neighborhood and square footage are ideal for your family, don’t allow a few overgrown hedges and weeds to prevent you from making an offer.

After all, ugly plants can be removed, a lawn can be mowed, and bushes can be trimmed to spruce up a property’s curb appeal.


While a lack of natural sunlight, small bedrooms and a poor neighborhood might be a deal breaker, there are some issues that are worth overlooking when viewing a property.

So, ignore interior and exterior design flaws and focus on a property’s square footage, lighting, flow and room size to secure your ideal home.


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