OEDRO LED Work Light, 2pcs 48W 12V 6000K 4 Inch, Flood Lamp, LED Fog Driving Light Review


Disclaimer; I received this product for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion


OEDRO is a wonderful company I am working with , they are  one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of premium aftermarket auto parts mainly for Jeep Wranglers, Ford F-series trucks, Dodge Rams and Chevy Silverado. They specialize in floor mats, tonneau covers and running boards among many other products. Their professional R&D team works hard to ensure great products at competitive prices. They continuously strive to provide high-quality products and services to fellow Jeepers and truck owners. OEDRO stands by the quality of its products and offers a warranty on all of its products. As off-road experts, they believe first and foremost in excellent product quality, dedicated service, reasonable price, and outstanding design. That is why they chose the name OEDRO. I am highly inpressed with the quality of these worklights, they are easy to install and they are very bright. I live in Smoky Mountains and our road is a  dark road at night. I installed these worklights and my road is not dark anymore , they work very well in rain, fog and just at night time. Thank goodness for OEDRO Led Worklights, I am not afraid of my road anymore.  These Work Lights Retail for $25.99

Their Core Values:

Off-road experts
Excellent quality
Dedicated service
Reasonable price
Outstanding design


  • OEDRO’s LED light bars and work lights will provide your Jeep, truck, or ATV with the bright, long-lasting lighting you need either on or off the road. Modify the look of your vehicle while adding the light source you need.
  • Long lasting with over a 50,000+ hour lifespan.
  • IP67 waterproof, dust-proof and rust-proof.
  • Better heat dissipation with efficient cooling aluminum alloy heat sinks.


For Off Road Lighting: Fit for SUV, UTV, ATV, Jeep, 4×4, 4WD, Cars, Motorcycles, Truck, Trailer, Forklift, Trains, Boat, Bus, Back Up Light, etc.

For Other Lighting: Fit for Excavator, Dozer, Road Roller, Crane, Tractor, Harvester, Grain Drill, Mower, Snowplow, Fire engine, Rescue Vehicle, Camping, Mining, Construction Lighting, etc.

For Household Lighting: Fit for Garden, Backyard, Garage, Indoor Lighting.

(Note: Use a voltage transformer/converter to convert the AC 110-120V to DC 12V for indoor use.)


Installation is very simple and the Oedro Worklights comes with everything you need.



Efficient Cooling for these Worklights


I highly recommend this for anyone looking for new worlights, they are the best buy and the difference is amazing. They have Great prices too. Visit the website and start buying the best Products ever.



OEDRO has many more products to check out, for instance, check their Floormats,



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Visit their Website and learn more about OEDRO Products and Start Buying,


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