Three Ways To Weather Proof Your House This Winter

Winter is just around the corner, and finding ways to protect your home against the worst of the cold weather couldn’t be more important.

There are several key elements to protecting your home from potential damage in the winter months, and failing to take the necessary steps to winterize your home could end up causing you extra money in the long run. Although it might seem like an expensive waste of money to spend your hard-earned cash on weatherproofing projects at this time of year, rest assured that you’ll find it well worth the investment when you can enjoy living in a cozy and warm home all winter long without any expensive repair bills to face.

If you’re wondering what you should do to weatherproof your house this winter, read on and find three key ways that can make a huge difference to the comfort of your property during the cold season. If you follow our top tips, you’ll find that the task of winterizing your home won’t be as difficult as you imagined.

Weatherproofing Windows And Doors

One of the main ways to weatherproof your home is to make sure that no drafts can escape through the cracks in your windows and doors. It costs a lot of money to heat your home so you don’t want to throw money away by allowing the hot air to escape to the outside. A lot of heat is lost from our windows and doors due to cracks in the frames.

There are several things you can do to weatherproof your windows and doors. Caulking the gaps will make sure that there is no possibility of hot air escaping. Head over to to find out more information about how to find the right caulking gun to suit your needs. You can also replace the summer screens at your windows and doors with glass panes so that you have an extra layer of protection against the cold.

Insulate To The Max

Insulation is essential if you’re going to prevent your home’s heated air from escaping into the great outdoors. Once you’ve sealed any gaps around your windows and doors it’s time to look for other insulation opportunities. You should start with your hot water pipes. These can be very vulnerable to frost, and if they get too cold they could end up frozen. This could cause them to burst and this would be very expensive to rectify. You can easily insulate your pipes for the cold season by wrapping them with insulation tubes. You should also consider putting down draft excluders at your doors and also plugging up your key holes so no cold air can get through.

Unclog Your Gutters

The third thing you should definitely do before the cold of winter sets in is to get any leaves out of your guttering. This is a very simple task and yet can make a big difference to weatherproofing your home. If your gutters are clogged up with leaves and other debris, when the snow comes, the water won’t be able to flow from your rooftops. This will result in icicles building up and could even cause your gutters to collapse and be damaged. In order to prevent an expense problem, getting all of the leaves and other junk out of your gutters before the winter arrives is essential.

These are just three of the essential steps that you should definitely take this Fall before winter arrives. Although they are very small changes, they can make an enormous difference in your comfort when the cold weather arrives, and can even help to save you money. By reducing the amount of warm air that escapes your home and the amount of cold air that enters in by way of drafts, you can actually slash your heating bills over the course of the winter. Also, by ensuring your guttering is clear and your pipes are well protected from freezing and bursting, you can save yourself the unnecessary expense of a costly repair job!

With our helpful advice, you’ll be well prepared this winter and your home will be safe from any damage or harm during the icy months of the year.


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