The Super Smoothie Box Review


Disclaimer : I received these products for free for my review and my honest opinion


I believe that breakfast is broken….boring breakfast bars, greasy egg sandwiches, and sugary cereals, it’s no wonder so many people skip breakfast! The Butcher Box Super Smoothie goal is to make breakfast easy, healthy, and delicious. SmoothieBox is a quick and healthy breakfast alternative. Each box comes with 20 ready-to-blend frozen smoothie pouches and you can choose from three delicious flavors: creamy cocoa, tangy green, and ginger-y clementine. I also received a box of 20 pouches of Collagen mixes to add to my Super Smoothies. Collagen-Grass-fed collagen is the secret superpower in each of their 3 original blends. A daily dose of collagen helps to:  Enhance skin, hair, and nails, Maintain bone and joint strength and Support a healthy gut and We all need this everyday !

Unlike other smoothies, their super smoothies have a full serving of organic fruits and vegetables, 20-28g of collagen protein, and less than 20g of sugar (with no added sugar or sweeteners!). Plus they are ready in just 60 seconds. The price works out to just $5.95/meal and shipping is free nationwide! So it’s just $119 for 20 super smoothies with free shipping. It’s a monthly subscription, but you can change to every 2 months if necessary, and pause or cancel anytime without penalty. Trust them, it’s worth a try!


Smoothies are a great healthy breakfast for us, We are so busy with our lives , there’s no time for all that chopping and measuring in the morning rush. Super Smoothie is perfect for all of us. You get Free Delivery, the pre-maid packages Blend fast & You can Enjoy In Minutes, Fast Healthy Meal Alternative, You Cancel Any Time but Why would you when your getting a healthy, tastey Smoothie.


Add you on spin for your Smoothie by adding berries, nuts or anything you like. Blending frozen melon with just enough liquid yields an almost ice cream-like texture. Make this a traditional, pourable smoothie by adding a touch more liquid before whizzing everything together. It’s a great way to start off your day.


Here are the 6 Key Benefits of SmoothieBox!

  1. Save time with ready-to-blend smoothie pouches delivered straight to your door
  2. Simplify your morning routine with a breakfast that’s perfect on the go
  3. Stay full for hours with 20 – 28 grams of protein and healthy fats from whole foods
  4. Get more vegetables with a full serving of organic fruits and veggies
  5. Help enhance your skin, hair, and joints with a full serving of collagen
  6. Feel good about making a healthy choice that tastes great!


Ingredients for Super Smoothie Cacao : Tastes like Chocolate pudding, with a bit of crunch

Banana*, Zucchini*, Kale*, Coconut Water*, Grass-fed Collagen Protein, Sunflower Seeds*, Banana Puree (Banana*, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid), Coconut Cream*, Cacao Nibs*, Cacao Powder*, Sea Salt, Organic


Ingredients for Super Smoothie Green : Tastes like A spring garden, so fresh n’ so clean

Chopped Spinach*, Avocado*, Pineapple*, Grass-fed Collagen Protein, Lemon Juice*, Pineapple Juice*, Water, Ginger*, Dates*, Flax Seed*, Sea Salt, Organic


Ingredients for Super Smoothie Clementine : Tastes like Carrot cake, with a lil’ pep

Mandarin, Sweet Potato*, Carrots*, Ginger*, Grass-fed Collagen Protein, Coconut Cream*, Lemon Juice*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Coconut Water*, Dates, Organic




They are starting the holiday shopping season early this year! Starting on November 21 through the 25th They will be offering their Black Friday limited time offer of $20 off every box for life* using the code: BFDEAL2018. *For the lifetime of their subscription


For two days, starting on Cyber Monday (November 26) and ending on Tuesday, November 27, new customers will get $44 off ($22 off their first 2 boxes) using the code 20CYBER18 at checkout.

Try it for yourself…  Visit

ABOUT SMOOTHIEBOX- SmoothieBox is the only Super Smoothie subscription company, brought to you by the ButcherBox team. They believe in a world where everyone has access to healthy meals as Nature intended: made with thoughtfully-sourced ingredients and free from additives and added sugar, delivered to your door.


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