DiamoTech 9.5-Inch Pan Review


Disclaimer : I received this product for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion


Let me say I have seen al these TV Ads for the DiamondTech Products and I wasn’t sure if they were as good as they advertise , you know the Non-Sticking promised but I have used my Diamotech pan several times, on the stove, in the oven. This pan really does what it says it will do, no sticking to the pan, Oven Safe and it cooks so much better than any pan that I have. No more pans for me, This Product works and it works Great ! The DiamoTech 9.5 inch pan only cost-$19.99 and it is well worth it.


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Cooks Better & Looks Better!
• Diamond Infused Ceramic Coating
Stronger and More Durable Pan
Longer Lasting Non-Stick Coating
Uniform Heat Distribution
No Hot Spots
Oven Safe Up To 500 degrees
Ergonomic – Stay Cool Handle
Dishwasher Safe
Easy Clean Up

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DiamoTech also comes in 12.9 inch-$29.99, 5pc. Set-$69.99 and the 10 pc. Set-$119.99
These DiamoTech pans cook without Fat, Oil or Butter, How nice is that with some of us , watching our calorie intake. The DiamoTech pans shine like a diamond, Truly !
The remarkable hardness of Diamonds infused in the ceramic layer forms virtually the strongest, most durable and longer lasting, ultra non-stick cookware surface. Non-stick, Ceramic Coating. Oven safe up to 500 degrees F/260 C  Dishwasher Safe, Easy-Grip Ergonomic Handle.
candy cheese
Look how easy Melted Candy wipes clean and melted cheese won’t stick, Very cool
demo_insets_fireworks superglue
Fireworks won’t scratch and super glue doesn’t stick either !  The proof is in the pan. I highly recommend these products because they truly work and they are very well made, Go to their website and order you a Pan or a set and don’t forget Christmas is right around the corner, Order someone special this wonderful gift ! They will be forever grateful as I am.  https://www.diamotechpan.com/
Order online or Call them now at 800-996-9561
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