3 Tips to Protecting Your Warehouse Storage with Security Fencing


If you own a warehouse, security needs to be the paramount concern since this is one of the key elements of your business. Many companies use a warehouse to store inventory and other valuable goods of their business, this means that security is a top priority. Having good security as much as it protects a business valuable good it also enhances the reputation of the business. The oldest type of security is fencing which is cordoning your warehouse with a fence Modern technology has made securing warehouse storage much easier and almost foolproof. Mesh security fencing is one of the popular kinds of fencing that most business uses to safeguard their warehouses. These are some of the tips that you can use to protect your warehouse.

1. Assess the risk

The first thing one needs to do before going for security fencing is to assess the kind of security risk that the warehouse storage may be under. Risk assessment should help determine the kind of threats and security breach that may face the warehouse. The kind of threat will help determine the kind of fence that one may install. This is because there are very many types of fences and each is suitable under certain security threats. In assessment of the threat one thing that any warehouse owner needs to understand is that the warehouse cannot be 100% secure, this means continued assessment and modification of the fencing is required.

2. Type of fences

There are many types of fences which are available in the market and choosing the right one is crucial. This is because different types of fences have their advantage and disadvantages. It is important for one to take time to analyze the different types of fences available in the market. There are popular choices in the market like the high- security welded mesh panel fencing. The reason as to why this is popular is because it has reinforced wire mesh and small apertures which make it hard for intruders breach. Another popular type of fence is the weld mesh strained wire fencing which is usually hardened and reinforced to protect them from malicious damage.

3. Check the fence features

When using a fence to protect your warehouse you need to check the features which the fence offers. This is because there are many types of fences and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. In checking the fence you need to make sure that the fence does not offer hiding places. You should be able to see everything through the fence to reduce the chance that someone may choose to hide there. The fence should also be hard to climb over. You do not want a fence that any burglar can easily climb over. There are those fences which are reinforced that many cutting tools find it hard to breach. There are also electric fences which offer an extra layer of security by use of electricity to give an electric shock.


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