Why Being Part Of A Community Is Good For You

Being alone is something that we all need to do from time to time – it’s a great way of recharging our batteries and allowing our minds time to rest for a moment. However, human beings are social creatures, and we tend to work best when we are part of a community, no matter what that community represents, be it work, a hobby, or family. Here are some of the reasons why being part of a community like this is so good for you.


Gain Knowledge

One of the most important reasons to be part of a group or community is that you will gain a lot of knowledge. Being with a group of people who understand what you are thinking and how you are going about your daily business because they are similar to you means that there is more chance of finding someone (or more than one person) within that group who will be able to mentor you. They have been where you are and know what it takes to move forward successfully. They will be able to instill you with plenty of knowledge that will help you be more successful in life or in business.

More than that, by being part of a community you can learn from the group at large, asking many different people for advice, and by paying attention to what is happening around you. This kind of information may not be immediately useful, but you never know when you are going to need it and it could certainly help you out in the future.


It’s Good For Your Health

Being able to show that you are part of a group and feeling connected, whether that is through some kind of membership or club, can be beneficial for your well being, too. You can get involved with the community and take it one step further and have a membership card for the community group, or perhaps consider specific iron on patches which you learn more about here. Being isolated and not knowing anyone similar to oneself can lead to mental health problems that being in a group can eliminate. This is known as ‘social connectedness,’ and studies have shown that it is as beneficial to health as regular exercise is.

Social connectedness also helps to make us more resilient against stress. If we’re feeling more connected to other people and we know that there are those there for us who will help us when we are feeling down, and who will encourage us when we’re thinking negative thoughts, we are less likely to feel the symptoms of stress and depression.



Networking is something that those in business use all the time to gain more sales and boost their companies further. Networking doesn’t have to be just for business owners, though; everyone can – and should – do it, and when you are in a group or part of a community it becomes a lot easier.

Networking means making an effort to find out what people do and how they might be able to benefit your life. Far from being a selfish tactic, this can enhance the way you live your life, and this then feeds on to the other people around you. Networking can open your eyes to a number of new opportunities that will make your life better and even make you more successful. When you are part of a community don’t be afraid to try to utilize other people’s skills in some way; in many cases, they will be pleased to have been acknowledged and happy to help out.



Have you ever felt a little lost in life and just not know which direction to go in? If so you’re not alone – everyone can feel rather confused about their options or feel stuck for ideas at times. When you are part of a group or community, you can easily gain inspiration from others, and this can be essential when it comes to moving you forward. Of course, taking someone else’s ideas is not a good thing to do, but taking elements of what people are doing and making them your own is how people have progressed for centuries, and it can help you to get out of the rut you are stuck in.

Remember, if you have been doing well in life or in business, it’s important to remain in touch with friends and family or to join a group where you can regularly meet with other people. There are many instances where people have been successful and then become isolated, and have not been able to grow anymore either personally or in their business lives.



Being able to rely on a community will give you strength in life. It won’t be able to stop bad, sad, or unfortunate things happening to you, but it will give you something that you can fall back on to help you get through those awful times. Without this support, it would be easy to become depressed and unwell physically. If you don’t talk about what is making you feel so sad or bad, then those feelings will manifest in physical ailments such as heart disease and high blood pressure. If you don’t talk to people, you will literally be making yourself ill. This is why many people choose to visit a therapist, but if you are part of a welcoming and supportive group then you don’t need to do this – you will already have people you can talk to.

Groups such as these that offer support are particularly useful if you have a specific problem such as trying to become sober and giving up alcohol or drugs, quitting smoking, or if you are grieving. When you join a group where everyone is going through the same thing it becomes an easier burden to deal with since everyone can understand exactly what you are going through. You are more likely to succeed and come through the other side happily and healthily in a group situation than if you try to go it alone.

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