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Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion


School Time again and that means for that First time College students beginning a new life away from home, They need some reassurance from Mom & Dad,  Why not send them a Bro Basket College Care Box filled with all their favorite goodies. You could even send this to anyone that loves a Great Snack Basket also.



The perfect college care package,

Packed with all the junk food and snacks that they love and none of the booze they can’t drink yet , this college care package is great for getting your little angel through their first few months away.  Lets face it, they haven’t figured out how to shop yet and the last time they walked through campus to the cafeteria, it was out of chicken strips so the cafeteria is dead to them now.  This care package will help them with a back up source of goodies until they figure out how to adult.

A gift college students really need right now,

That and a hug, but you can’t ship a hug (yet!) so the next best thing is a BroBox, it’s like a little long distance hug showing that you care and everything is going to be alright.  Everyone has a rough time, especially somewhere big and new and crazy and… well you get the picture, some people need a little help to get them through those rough patches and this care package BroBox is just the thing to do it.

Care package gifts aren’t just for college students,

You heard me right, They did come on strong with the college student stuff, but everyone could use a care package from time to time. Whether its your kids first time at space camp or your husband is on a business trip, they could use a long distance kiss and a hug from you right about now.  So what ever reason you got, they are sure to love this care package gift when it arrives, it is designed to make their freaking day!College-Care-Package-BroBox-224937-gal3-2-1246x831 College-Care-Package-BroBox-224937-gal4-2




The Snacks In College Care Box,

1 – Crunchy Cheetos
1 – Nacho Cheese Doritos
1 – Famous Amos
1 – Ritz Bits Cheese
1 – Snickers
1 – Plain M&M’s
1 – Starburst
1 – Skittles
1 – Caramel Corn Popcornopolis
1 – Ritz Bitz Peanut Butter
1 – RedBull
2 – Beef Jerky

The Freebies

1 – Card with your special message


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Now,  Let me tell you about Bro Basket,  The BroBasket started out , way back in 2013,  they saw a need for Gifts for men because Women were always getting flowers, Men do not want flowers but they do like Beer, Alcohol and Spirits.  The Seed Was Planted and  Bro Basket came from a classroom idea to a Real Business. Originally they opened the business as a local gift basket delivery service, kinda like Edible Arrangements geared toward men, but drinkable arrangements but then they started getting orders from all over the country and  They launched a new  website, started advertising their products nationally, Bro Basket came up with cool new ideas like Customize Your Own (their biggest seller), figured out how to safely ship their baskets, and bam, they were a full fledged eCommerce operation! Today they  ship their BroBasket’s all over the country, with 1000’s upon 1000’s of happy customers served.

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